Paceline Podcast 163

Paceline Podcast 163

It’s summer in Pennsylvania! This week we tackle a Paceline-style PSA in the form of CPR training. Selene has quite the story. Riding eMTBs on singletrack is an activity that can elicit some strong opinions. Patrick takes on the use of these bikes on singletrack in the various kinds of parks (state, regional, city) found in California and how the bike industry is or is not helping their acceptance.



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  1. Steven Toby

    Interesting story today regarding CPR. It rings so familiar for me because of what happened to my wife. She collapsed at a restaurant in August 2016 from what turned out to be VTAC (Ventricular Tachycardia). I was not present, as I was out of town. For various reasons, the ambulance did not arrive for over 20 minutes. The restaurant had no AED. Fortunately, an old cycling buddy of mine (who works as a medical tech) and his wife (a nurse) were also dinning nearby. They and others sprang into action to perform CPR on my wife until the ambulance arrived, which was an arduously long amount of time. Normally, anyone ‘down’ that long and relying on CPR alone for life support is in real trouble. But these folks really knew what they were doing, and she got the best tag-team effort imaginable. Against the odds they kept her alive. There was still a long road ahead once she made it to the hospital, but I’m happy to say that next month we’ll be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. She suffered no detectable brain damage. Last March, she had open heart surgery to replace her pulmonary valve, which was the main culprit in her episode. Though she is still working her way back from it all, her quality of life is excellent. It is all just so amazing.

    1. Author

      Yeah, ditto on the wow. Holy cow. All the argument anyone needs for being certified.

  2. Nathan

    Great episode! We had CPD training at work recently, and the thing that struck me most was the amount of pressure you need to apply to the chest – the instructor basically said don’t worry if you hear a rib crack, that means you’re doing it right. He made exactly the same point as Larry the fireman, i.e. if the victim’s heart has stopped then they have bigger problems to worry about than any other injuries they might have or that you might inflict on them.

    I thought the discussion of e-MTBs and trail access was really interesting. Having to not do something that seems perfectly reasonable just because someone else might pick it up and use it as a weapon against you is not a good place to be in. I don’t think this kind of situation is just a US thing though. I’m in the UK, we’re a European country, and a major national broadcaster just aired a programme titled ‘Cyclists: Scourge of the streets’… Stirring up hate works wonders for growing advertising revenue wherever you’re based, I guess.

    That thing Patrick was talking about where you join all the dots so you can see what’s coming down the line to hit you in the face is called risk management. I do it for a living, so if any bike companies want some help with it, they should drop me a line :)))

  3. Mark

    I was out for a run yesterday and within the first ten minutes I had a tightness in my chest. Not a cardiac event, I was listening to this episode and it was pulling on my heartstrings.

  4. Seano

    Thanks for sharing – great story…

    Key is what Larry reminded the bystanders – injuries don’t matter if someone is not breathing or their heart has stopped. Airway, Breathing & Circulation!

    Finally – if there is an AED around, no one should be afraid to use it as once they are applied to the pt, they are truly Automatic. They will not shock someone if it is not needed – but it is highly unlikely that a heart will restart without some form of defibrillator.

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