Where’d He Go?

Where’d He Go?

I mean that as much about either one of my sons as I do for me to you. This has been a crazy week. After being too busy to post on Monday, what with the packing and flying back and whatnot, I managed (as you’ve noticed) to produce only one post and one podcast before disappearing. I’m now in Memphis, with Mini-Shred and the Deuce, to visit my mom. Grandma hasn’t seen her two grandsons in three years, so it’s high time. Getting six and nine year old boys through airports and airplanes, plus hotel registration with only one adult present to do all the administration while also refereeing a pint-sized WWE match is maybe not something I’d do recreationally.

I share this because I’ve had not nearly enough time two write and I am working on two different posts about Dirty Kanza, ones that come at it from two different views. I’ll be working on one or both of those today.

Before I go, I want to take a moment to thank everyone for all the lovely comments regarding my finish at DK200. I’ll say that nine times out of ten, just having an audience is all the validation we writers need, but still, kind words can do a lot. They do make me smile. Now here’s a suggestion: take all that terrific energy and go find something for yourself if you haven’t already. I’m sure our man Robot will be asking something about your riding at some point this summer. We definitely want to hear about it.

Above is another lovely moment from Emporia. That’s Neil Winklemann (left), devoted RKP reader, with his buddy Steve Pilcher, who he managed to goad into riding the Half Pint (don’t say only 100). Neil had an amazing day, shaving time off his previous finish and getting in before that big orange ball in the sky. Let’s all encourage Steve to return and tackle the 200, shall we?

I’ve always seen my role as a cycling writer as being the minister of stoke, to keep people excited about our sport. You’re here, and committed. Now is the time to go find an event that, as Abraham Maslow put it, will give you a peak experience. Go actualize your bad self, yo.


  1. Sully

    Thanks for the stoke those last lines help me gain some focus.I feel for ya Pops We stopped at 1…it’s enough … well done finishing DK …let’s hook up for a ride soon. Come stay at our Hotel in Santa Cruz and I’ll take you on a journey. …Sully

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