Paceline Podcast 162

Paceline Podcast 162

Say you’re going on vacation, because it’s summer, and say you’re taking your bike, because duh bikes. And say you’re going someplace mountainous. Also, say you live at sea level. Will the altitude ruin your riding? Selene talked to some experts to see just how much the reduced oxygen will hurt your performance. There are, however, things you can do to take care of yourself and limit the effects of altitude on your performance.

Is that really the bike you need? It’s a great way to intimidate someone about their new bike purchase, or even their anticipated purchase. Which is to say, it’s not remotely kind. But what kind of bike do we deserve, do we need? It’s a fair question and Patrick takes it on with his usual verve.



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Images: Greg Galliano / Hood River Mountain Bike Adventures

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  1. Neil Winkelmann

    The issue of sleeping at altitude is real, but the guy is not likely to be sleeping at the top of Stelvio! The advice for a lower gear than you think you need is very good. The Dolomites are a percent-or-two steeper than either the Alps or Pyrenees.

  2. Neil Winkelmann

    I’ve just put myself firmly in the cross-hairs of bike-judgement with my new bike. S-works Tarmac Sagan edition. The haters can hate. I don’t care.

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