Dirty Kanza: Come Say Hi!

Dirty Kanza: Come Say Hi!

We’ve heard from a few of you that you’ll be in Emporia, Kansas, for Dirty Kanza. Whether you’re planning to do the Half Pint or the full 200, we salute you. We’d also love to meet you and salute you in person. It will be a lot of fun to put faces to names and compare notes for our intentions for the next day.



Where: Radius Brewing, 610 Merchant St., Emporia
When 5:30 pm
What: One beer and high fives
Who: Padraig, RKP readers, Paceline and Pull listeners (sorry, no Selene)

The folks at Radius are happy to host us, but they haven’t been able to give me a sense of just where we will be. Just look around the bar for me in an RKP baseball jersey. Hope to see you there!




  1. James Rawstron

    Good luck, brother. Hope it’s a complete mind/body experience. I’ll be thinking of you while I do the essentially flat, somewhat fredish, Bike Boat Bike on Long Island this weekend.
    No gravel or dirt to speak of with the exception of road debris and beach sand.

    Keep it rubber side down and helmet side up.

  2. Dan

    What is your tire choice? You will find that the roads have dried out and it shouldn’t be too windy on Saturday. Good luck and if I see you around Emporia I will stop and say hi.

    1. Author

      Hi Dan! Were you the Dan who stopped by to say hi? If we didn’t discuss it there, I ran the Donnelly X’plor MSO in the 40mm width and it was perfect.

    2. Dan from Emporia

      That was me but I will use the new handle, Dan from Emporia. Hurry back for another visit to the Gravel City.

  3. Neil Winkelmann

    Patrick, it was an absolute pleasure to catch up on Friday evening. Congratulations on your DK200 finish. Tough day, eh? I hope it was every bit the experience you were looking for.

  4. Dan

    Congratulations on your finish. I was up in Americus taking pictures in the afternoon and there were a handful of 200 riders still racing, the rest were just surviving. A great job on a very tough day and I hope you enjoyed your stay in our fair city.

  5. Dan from Emporia

    It was so nice to talk to the two of you out on your ride Monday morning. Come back soon and even think about more grass-root events like Maisie’s Pride and La Grind. Those will have a much smaller feel but the same great Emporia vibe. Safe travels and I’m glad you had a great time in Emporia and at the DK.

    1. Author

      Dan, it was a pleasure to meet you. Your enthusiasm for your adopted community is truly inspiring. And I will definitely be looking at other events to do in the Heartland.

    2. Dan from Emporia

      Hurry back, we will keep the gravel warm for you. And remember which of your readers can identify you on a gravel road at 15 mph.

    3. Author

      That was no small feat. I became more amazed when I realized I wasn’t wearing an RKP jersey.

  6. Dave Poquette

    I’ve been listening to your Paceline podcast and enjoy it very much. Congrats on your dirty Kansa ride. You mentioned a book about making food for your ride. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to understand who the author is or the title of the book. Can you share that?

    1. Dave Poquette

      Thanks for the information. I prefer to go in bike tours instead of participating in races. I figured this would still apply on bike tours.

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