Huffmaster, Take Two

Huffmaster, Take Two

Given the way everyone responded to my photos of the recent Huffmaster Grasshopper, and the degree to which this site leans on the written word, as opposed to the visual beauty of cycling, I decided to take another bite from this particular apple. Our local documenter of all things cycling—Jorge “Koky” Flores—was at the Huffmaster, and captured some truly beautiful moments. I picked a selection of them to share here.

Not much to be said, other than consider being here next year.


Images: Jorge “Koky” Flores, JustPedal

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  1. tominalbany

    The hills in that area are beautifully shaped!! With the green velour look, it just takes on a cozy feel.

  2. Mark Petry

    yes, you are seeing California at it’s best, with luminous green after the rain. It will be brown in a month!

    Where is this ride, exactly? West of I-5 near Willows, right ?

    1. Author

      Pretty close. Maxwell is probably a half hour south of Willows right on I-5, and west-northwest of Yuba city; also just east of the southern end of the Mendocino National Forest.

  3. Mike

    If you subtract the mountains in the background, that could easily be many parts of Michigan in May and June. But the Mountains! Oh the Mountains!

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