The Paceline Tandem: Jess Cerra of JoJé Bar

The Paceline Tandem: Jess Cerra of JoJé Bar

Chef and racer Jess Cerra is the brain behind one of the newest bars on the market, JoJé Bar. With her knowledge of nutrition, the needs of elite racers and her understanding of food as a chef, she decided to formulate a new bar with less carbohydrate, more fat and no preservatives to address gut rot and other concerns of athletes.

She also shares how she got into cycling as well as a touching story about her childhood and how it influenced her relationship to food.

Cerra’s path as an athlete began in triathlon before moving to cycling. And her career was not easy, especially after a really bad crash at the Tour of the Gila. And despite the adversity she’s faced, she has an amazing and positive outlook.



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  1. Dizzy

    I am stunned I tell you…STUNNED!
    What a beautiful, uplifting story of overcoming the odds in so many ways to accomplish so much.
    I hate to suggest that you add more layers to your already over packed life but 1) When’s the book coming out? 2) Get the movie rights signed up! 3) Get an agent to begin booking the talk show circuit, etc. etc etc.
    How many young kids, especially girls would benefit from hearing this story of your life. Yikes!

    You’ve yet again brought an interview in which you fabulously stayed out of the way and allowed the story to be told. You even allowed a little of your own emotion to show through.
    Rock on sister! D

    1. Selene Yeager

      Thank you! I had no idea Jess had such an amazing tale to tell. I thought we were just going to talk sports nutrition! Once it became clear that she had so much more to say, the only thing I could do was sit back and get out of the way. Thanks for listening!

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