Heads Up

Heads Up

Each time I hear that phrase I’m reminded of the time I was riding home from the morning group ride and a runner entered the street from a median. He was running at 45 degrees to the street and was on a collision course with me. I also knew there were cars approaching from behind because I, unlike him, had recently looked back. I kept waiting for him to look around (this was a busy street) but he was too deep in his rhythm to do so.

I yelled, “Heads up!”

Nothing. He’s still not looking around. What to do?

I yell, “Heads up!” once again, but this time a bit louder.

Next, one of the strangest things I’ve ever witnessed took place. He decided I was a DJ. He threw his hands in the air, elbows out and hands at head height. Or maybe he thought I was trying to do a stick-up; remember when that was how we referred to robberies? Months passed before I realized he must have thought I was saying, “Hands up!” though why he thought that, I’ve no idea.

I managed to squeeze between him and a parked car before he jumped like I was a rattlesnake about to bite him. A second later, two cars passed, well above the speed limit. I’m not sure he survived that run. I was on the same schedule, twice a week for several more years. I never saw him again.

So, as most of us know, the phrase, “heads up,” is meant to spur us to look around. It’s an announcement, not a felony.

This week, posting here at RKP is going to be a bit weird. There will be no posts Tuesday or Wednesday in all likelihood, though I’ve got a couple I’m working on. We will have a Paceline Tandem episode on Thursday and I will do my best to get my next episode of The Pull up on Thursday, ahead of the North American Handmade Bicycle Show.

Beginning Friday evening, I’ll be posting daily on the show, and will continue to post about the show for several days following.

Just wanted to let you all know why posting will be bumpy and irregular.


Image: Jorge “Koky” Flores, JustPedal

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  1. Thomas Moore

    I’ve had pedestrians/runners jump into my path when I yell “on your left” and ting my bell. Natural selection?

    1. Author

      I’ve got a crazy week ahead, with two different trips, but I plan to start writing tonight.

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