Friday Group Ride #447

Friday Group Ride #447

Four-hundred and forty seven is not an auspicious number. Literally zero numerologists are busy breaking it down and assigning its digits celestial significance. It’s not prime, and it’s not divisible by 52, meaning this isn’t any sort of anniversary.

I was just sitting on my couch the other day thinking about the time I’ve spent writing the Friday Group Ride. It’s worth saying that I have a poor sense of time. Much the same way people with poor sense of direction get lost geographically, I get lost temporally. I forget when things happened. I have trouble conceiving when future events will take place, even when I have them on a schedule in front of me. And so, just sitting there thinking about 447 weeks, and the number of ideas, and all the questions and feedback, I suddenly became aware that it’s been a long time.

I also felt a flood of gratitude. The FGR has been an anchor point in my week for more than eight years. I’d like to write more, but real life intrudes. The FGR gives me that one (mostly) guaranteed shot to get my thoughts out into the ether. Your answers to our weekly questions have been an invaluable reality check for me, too, helping me evolve my own thinking about bikes and cycling.

So thank you for all that, and thanks for reading. I really appreciate it.

I’ve been adventuring through cycling media this week for my day job, and it struck me how much things have changed over the last eight years (even, obviously, here at RKP). Magazines are maybe more marginal than they were. Podcasts have come to the fore. Video has taken the place of writing in a lot of cases. The dominant players back then have shrunk. YouTube and Vimeo channels have changed the type and style of content cyclists are consuming. It seems much more scattered and incoherent, but that might be me.

This week’s Group Ride asks how are you consuming cycling now that you weren’t eight years ago? Do you listen to cycling podcasts? Which ones? Are you still reading websites? Which ones? Do you still get magazines? Do you subscribe to any cycling-related YouTube channels?

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  1. Aar

    My consumption of cycling today is more but less diverse than it was eight years ago. Always been a roadie but dabbled in mountain biking for awhile.

    When it comes to cycling media, I stopped watching any bicycle racing of any kind, though I read a few headlines. I’ve never listened to an entire cycling podcast – they’re just too dry to me. I pretty much think that of all podcasts, though. RKP, DC Rainmaker, Velo News & Bike Radar are my sources of cycling info.

  2. Jan

    I read a few things, Inner Ring, for one, some on line mags. But no podcasts of any sort. I tried a few, but they’re way slower for me than reading, and usually far less well thought-through and articulated.

  3. Jeff vdD

    NBC Sports Gold

    Marginal Gains
    Leadville 100
    Cycling Tips
    Bike Shop CX
    Cyclocross Radio
    Slow Ride
    Phil Gaimon

    Bike Snob
    Cycling Tips
    Velo News

  4. Jon Benn

    You Tube has been a gold mine for cycling content. I enjoy the wealth of both race related and non-race related material that can be found there. Pod casts are great ways to get more depth on topics. Lance does a great job with his. Paceline is a weekly highlight. I have found that common mass appeal magazines like Bicycling have far to many shallow articles (though the occasional deep dive) and focus on extreme high end cycling products.

  5. David

    I definitely consume more content now than 8 years ago simply because I retired 4 years ago and have time now to devote to my passion for ALL things cycling (in addition to riding 8,400+ miles last year). I’ve expanded my vision beyond road riding to include gravel riding, bike packing and traveling with my bike to name just a few.

    For up to the minute racing coverage I like and the dougreport…..for gravel I like……I love to dream about European vacations with my bike at pezcyclingnews…..I only occasionally visit forums like and…..I like the bikepacking and all road coverage at…..I like ViaVelo online magazine’s amazing photography and bike travel writing…. and of course I regularly visit RKP! I’m sure I’m leaving out some sites that I visit less often when surfing late at night, losing myself following link after link on the Internet.

    I was a regular at Steve Tilford’s blog (may he rest in peace). I sorely miss his unique perspective on the racing scene.

    I don’t subscribe to print magazines anymore. Nor do I subscribe to any YouTube channels, and I don’t listen to podcasts – they seem to move too slow for me. I tend to not focus on gear, but more on the act of riding.

    I remember the days (not so long ago) of print only cycling media when I first started riding in the late 1970’s. Scarfing up the latest Velo News and Winning magazine to see who won the race that ended weeks before and hanging out in the bike shop for any news. Such a great age we live in now that I can see world wide racing coverage that’s only minutes old…..or even live!

  6. Michael

    Not too much changed in the last decade. I read RKP and occasionally visit Dirt Rag on line. Velonews or something similar for race reports on important races. If it sounds like a great race, I might search for a few bits of the race on video. I get Bicycling and Dirt Rag as part of my League of American Bicyclists membership. Good bathroom reading – my reading pace matches the frequency of arrivals in the mail. No podcasts of any kind – there is no place in my life where I am by myself with nothing to do but listen.

  7. Quentin

    In print, I still read Bicycling. Online, I read RKP, CyclingTips, and sometimes VeloNews, but I find I’m not reading VN nearly as much as I once did. I literally added RKP and CT to my diet by following my favorite VeloNews writers to new publications when they left.

    In podcasts, I listen to those of RKP and CT. I also listen to the Cycling Podcast, but I find it’s a lower priority (the one that gets deleted when I have too many podcasts). In both my reading and listening, I’m more interested in cycling life and cycling technology than straight racing coverage these days.

    I do less video than other media. For a while I watched all of the Specialized Win Tunnel videos because my inner nerd was curious about the questions they were asking. I watch some GCN videos when they cover subjects that are of interest to me, but not all of them are. I religiously watch every “How the Race Was Won” video. They are so smart, funny and insightful, if he made one about an office park crit I’d watch it.

  8. scott g

    Print, Bicycle Quarterly and the Veteran Cycle Clubs’ two publications, ‘News & View” & “Boneshaker.”
    Lists, Classic Rendezvous, Velocipede Salon
    Websites for whats new, and Bike Rumor
    Blogs, Dave Moulton, Jan Heine, Rivendell

  9. Shawn

    I subscribe to a few cycling related YouTube channels. No paper subscriptions. Occasionally I visit cycling websites, including this one–usually for your FGR. But I doubt I’m representative of most cyclists any more. Riding is no longer ‘my life’ as it once was even though I’ve never made it more than 5 minutes into a ride, even the worst ride, without the inner and outer grin that comes with doing exactly what you want to be doing at that moment. And I could give a crap less about gear these days: the grin is the same whether I’m on a beach cruiser with the family, pace-lining in the red, or shredding Angel Fire on a big bike. It’s the doing these days for me, not the prepping for doing.

  10. TomInAlbany

    Podcasts: The Paceline, Leadville100,
    sometimes… The Pull, CyclingTips

    Print: Bicycling Mag. (Only 1)

    Video: Occasionally surf on a saturday to catch a live feed. Will see a bit of TdF replays in the evening

    Web: ,RKP – all content
    Occasional:, Cyclingnews, lVeloNews, CXMagazine

    I have limited time and not great desire to spend it sitting and reading/watching/listening. I’m most likely to listen to pods at work, which is a different problem

    Was this just an indirect way to try to find more places to read/listen? Whether or not, it’s cool. It’s good to find out what others are doing.

    Thanks for the columns, Robot!

  11. David

    My consumption has not slowed down. Print: Bicycling, Velonews Web: RKP, GCN, Japer Verkijl(YouTube Vids) , Willie Smit(YouTube Vids) Wielrennen en andere dingen. Cycling Tips.

  12. Dizzy

    RE. FGR: Thank you and you’re welcome.
    Q: How are you consuming cycling now that you weren’t eight years ago?
    A: More web reading, structured, unstructured and rabbit-holing.
    Q: Do you listen to cycling podcasts? Which ones?
    A: Paceline (all iterations); Leadville 100; Just Go Bike; The Cycling Podcast.
    Q: Are you still reading websites? Which ones?
    A: RKP (obviously); Velo News; Bicycling; Cycling News; Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio; numerous other rabbit holes.
    Q: Do you still get magazines?
    A: On-line only.
    Q: Do you subscribe to any cycling-related YouTube channels?
    A: GCN

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