Paceline Podcast 140

Paceline Podcast 140

It’s the new year and it’s a time to establish what the next 12 months will bring. Selene took a look at her year-end summary from Strava and was amazed by her totals. Nearly 8500 miles ridden, more than 600 hours spent on the bike and enough climbing to Everest 20 times. What’s it all mean? Is it worthwhile to look back? And if you do, how does that information guide future choices? Patrick is looking at the calendar to come and what he can do differently to keep his cycling life growing and his abilities as a cyclist progressing. How about a bit of hucking?

Patrick is just back from a trip up the Mendocino Coast and learned a thing or two about one of the more remote stretches of road overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Also, it gets really dark after nightfall.

Quote of the day from Selene: “I’ve made it a goal to be process-oriented.”



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Show links:

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Sunset Magazine’s video roadtrip of the Mendocino Coast

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  1. Joe Marino

    Just heard this episode. I haven’t listening for ever, but it is the first time I heard you mention a tandem. I would love to hear more talk about your tandem and the experiences that you and Salene have had on them.

    1. Author

      Seems a shame not to let it run into Oregon. I mean, once you’ve got a good thing going….

  2. john Knowlton

    Selene, would you do a podcast pull on fasted training? I have read your book Climb, in which you share a study of overweight Englishmen. However, many in your audience are already fit or at least not coming right off the couch. Have you tried fasted training? I’m always afraid of bonking (from repeated personal experience!) so maybe I”m going about it wrong.

    (BTW, I have been in the gym twice a week doing my weighted deadlifts, squats and lunges. This will be good for me and not just some needless pain, right?!?) Thanks for the show – you two do a great job!

    1. Selene

      Happy to talk about fasted training. I’m going to do a couple of nutrition pulls. And yes! It will be good for you. Promise! Thanks for listening. And yes, I do a fair amount of fasted training. You don’t have to worry about bonking if you do it the right way. Promise that too!

  3. Matthew

    I loved this podcast. I am goal oriented and my wife is not she does not understand wanting miles or adventures which add up to miles, stats, etc. We have not even planned the calendar and have been trying to schedule some adventures out this year and she is not understanding my desire to put it on the calendar to start working towards etc.

    haha just wanted to share my struggle. #struggleisREAL

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