The Pull: Jeremy SyCip

The Pull: Jeremy SyCip

Jeremy SyCip is a real-life fantasy. He began college with an eye toward industrial design but quickly realized he wanted to be more hands-on. So he took a course in framebuilding at United Bicycle Institute. His teacher for the class? None other than Albert Eisentraut, arguably the most important builder ever in the U.S. and maybe the most important teacher of framebuilders in history.

Jeremy SyCip (right) with builder Max Kullaway.

His next stop was no less amazing: he apprenticed with Paul Sadoff of Rock Lobster. Once he felt he had enough experience to hang out a shingle, with his brother Jay, the SyCips opened SyCip Designs and began offering road and mountain frames.

These days, Jeremy SyCip works alone and counts steel, aluminum and titanium as materials in his repertoire. He’s a mainstay of the North American Handmade Bicycle Show and has picked up a few awards along the way.

I talked to Jeremy at his shop which sits at the edge of Santa Rosa between Annadel State Park and Hood Mountain Regional Park. Because we recorded this in his shop, there’s a bit more ambient noise than usual, but the chance to visit his shop was too good to pass up.



The Pull is brought to you by the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, the world’s premier annual gathering of bicycle framebuilders and framebuilding enthusiasts. The 2019 show will take place March 15-17th at the Sacramento Convention Center in Sacramento, California.


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  1. Frederic #Gravelride13

    Hi Patrick,
    Right under my Sunday morning Gravel ride, listening to the Pull is the best moment of my week.
    But it’s too short and I always find myself wanting more. The list of potential builders to interview is certainly too long already and you don’t have enough to time to talk to all those you’d like to, but I still wanted to suggest Tom Warmerdam from Demon Frameworks. This could be a good idea to start a new format, let’s say 3 episodes of 1 hour each?
    PS : I got a cold just by listen to J Sycip’s interview 😉

    1. Author

      Tom is an easy yes. I need to drop him a note. I love that guy’s work. Truly a unique aesthetic.

      Thanks for the vote of confidence on show length. I’m highly reluctant to go longer without a lot of positive feedback from other listeners. All the data about audiences says that for every minute you go over a half hour your audience shrinks, and I want to be respectful of everyone listening. That’s why I’ve split a couple of interviews into two segments.

      If you step outside Jeremy’s shop and into the sunlight, it gets a lot warmer. 😉

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