Paceline Podcast 139

Paceline Podcast 139

Winter is here, huh? Selene takes on some of the challenges of winter riding, lot least of which is staying warm on rides. She talks skin care, cloverleaf routes and something that may not seem like a typical winter topic: single speeding. She says there’s a logic to it this time of year.

Patrick is back from the Emerald Cup, the big annual cannabis festival in Santa Rosa, where he was able to learn about some of the new efforts with CBD and some of the ways it can intersect with a cyclist’s needs. He takes on riding in the rain and the strategies he employs so that he can walk out the door to get on his bike when the rain is already falling and most sane folks would put on Netflix.



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  1. Tom

    Hey Folks,

    Here’s my request for upcoming topics:

    I’d love to hear a deep-ish dive into on-bike nutrition for long events (BWR, DK200, Coast-to-Coast, etc). Not necessarily what brands you like (though I’m all ears for that). Instead, have you developed a strategy to help figure out what works and what doesn’t work? Its 1 thing to figure out what doesn’t turn your guts into knots or make them explode but its another to go from that to “optimal.”

    How about a solid 20 minutes devoted to flow states. You’ve mentioned “chasing flow states” multiple times over the past few years but I can’t remember you really going deep on what they are, their benefits, what you experience, what others might have experienced, etc.


  2. TomInAlbany

    Suggestion: How to get that runner interested in cycling. My wife was training for a 15k in July 2017. Less than a month out, she suffered a stress fracture. She was out of commission for months and still is concerned about running longer than a 5k.

    I’d bought her a Mtn Bike way back – 15 years ago. I put road tires on it so she could still exercise. She’s ridden it some but I know she doesn’t have the passion like I do. She’s always been a runner. Any idea how to help her get inspired to ride?

    Note: Two kids 12 (boy) and 10 (girl) who both like to ride though, my son doesn’t seem to want to go hard…

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