Paceline Podcast 138

Paceline Podcast 138

The Colorado Classic has announced a big change. It’s a women’s race now. Only a women’s race. With a new course and new prize list and a plan to livestream the race on Facebook, the Colorado Classic will be very different in 2019. It’s an intriguing change in direction and one that will be an incredible boon to women’s racing.

The last month or so hasn’t been kind to the bike industry. The parent company for Fuji, Breezer, Kestrel and Oval Components as well as the Performance Bike chain has declared bankruptcy. Rapha has announced a £20 Million loss for the six months following the brand’s sale. And Emerald Expositions, the owner of the Interbike show announced that 2018 will be its last. C’est finis.

So even as one piece of cycling joins the 21st century, the economy is continuing to punish cycling. What’s it all mean?



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  1. Geoffrey Knobl

    The only bad thing about Colorado is the loss of yet another men’s event. But everything else is absolutely super and I can’t wait to watch this on TV/Internet! Seriously, every bike event should have GOOD women’s events. It’s perverse they don’t but that’s expected in our really biased society. I AM NOT Complaining here! This looks to be quite fun!

    1. Author

      At some point, riders might begin to connect the dots between doping and the loss of both sponsorship and events. The challenge to that possibility is what leads everyone to think they can get away with doping in the first place: “I’m the one who won’t get caught.” Until everyone thinks they have a part to play in making the sport clean, sponsorship and races will continue to be lean.

  2. Jim

    So once again, another example showing that men’s pro cycling (with only a few exceptions) can’t demonstrate a successful business model in this country. For all the men whining that it is “sexism” to cancel the men’s race and expand the women’s, my bet is that the financial results of the past races is what killed the race, not the decision for a women’s race. I bet the discussion wasn’t “hey, this men’s race is a bang up success, let’s cancel it and switch to women’s only!” It was probably more along the lines of “Hey, we lost our ‘butts’ last this year. What can we try to make this event successful?”. The men who think men are being discriminated against here are also always welcome to put their money where their months are and start producing their own men’s race. If the demand is so high for one, the Colorado Classic just left a big hole in the market for them to exploit.

    I’ll also agree with Patrick’s opinion that the women’s racing holds more appeal and in my opinion from watching women’s races, it can actually be more exciting to watch. They are putting just as much or more passion and effort into the races and are just as competitive. I am actually considering vacationing in CO next summer in conjunction with this event (something that never crossed my mind for the past races) and if any sponsors are reading this, I’ll be paying attention to see which ones back out from 2018 or after 2019.

  3. Selene

    A bummer to lose any event, for sure! The road scene is having some issues all the way around right now. But I am grateful for this move! It does seem like it will be quite fun!

  4. David Savage

    Since you’re asking for recommendations, I wonder if either of you have had experience riding singlespeed. I’ve been riding a fair bit of singlespeed gravel lately (here in indiana it’s pretty flat!) and it’s a really incredible experience–never worried about making the wrong decision with gearing, because it’s always the wrong decision.

    1. Author

      “Never worried about making the wrong decision with gearing, because it’s always the wrong decision.”

      The funniest thing anyone has ever said about single-speeding. That right there merits a pull.

    2. Selene

      David, I have a singlespeed mountain bike and a singlespeed cross bike. It’s way more challenging in the areas immediately surrounding me, but there are trails and places it’s absolutely perfect for. The SS mtb particularly can be a real joy to ride. I’ll chat a bit about it on the show this week.

  5. Dizzy

    If I was a LBS owner, I would immediately do 5 things:
    1) Put my mechanics in mobile shops offering at home and on-the-road service.
    2) Advertise that I’d be happy to assemble their Canyon bikes either at my shop or at the owner’s home.
    3) Put a plan in place to begin a AAA-style bike response program.
    4) Start a bike-mechanics training program and/or school.
    5) Do everything I can to embolden myself to every local k-12 school system to bread my next generation of customers.

    And honestly, my goal would be to run all of my competitors out of business by capturing all of the local service business and the best mechanics.

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