Bye-Bye Interbike

Bye-Bye Interbike

If you go open your window you’ll hear a sound. It’s the sound of a plus-sized chanteuse rocking the final act.

Interbike is dead.

According to a blog post from outdoor industry consultant Jeff Harbaugh, Emerald Expositions has announced  that there will be no Interbike in 2019. Not that there will be no show in Reno; there will be no show. At. All.

Emerald claims it is looking at other strategies and other venues, “the company will research alternative plans for 2020 and beyond, including the opportunity to launch events featuring bicycling and bike-related components within or alongside its various successful, multi-sport trade show franchises.” 

That may or may not look like an industry trade show.

Despite all the problems with the show, from its shrinking size to its poor location to its broken business model, I loved going and every bike geek still in touch with their inner bike geek did too.

There’s an opportunity here. I wonder who will be the first to seize upon it.

Our condolences to show director Justin Gottleib and his staff who will be looking for jobs come January 1, 2019.


  1. Marc L

    Wow. As bad as the Reno move was, I didn’t expect it to be the last year. The ability to renew relationships and make chance connections made it valuable to me as a designer in a way that consumer-facing shows generally aren’t.

    On paper the show has been hard to justify for most brands – including clients of mine- and shops for several years . The added hassle and expense of getting to Reno didn’t make it any easier. I know that there’s a value to networking, reunions, and serindipitous discovery, but there needs to be something beyond that to make a strong business case for attending.

    It’ll be hard for anyone to start from scratch, but I’d love to see Sea Otter, CABDA, or another player establish a February show in Phoenix. It’d be an easy sell for Northern shops during the dark months and allow for releases that didn’t undermine current product mid-season. Unfortunately I know better than to hold my breath.

    1. Author

      Asphyxiation is my guess, though I’d like to hope for a phoenix-like rebirth in a new location.

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