Paceline Tandem: Shannon Bufton and Everesting Everest

Paceline Tandem: Shannon Bufton and Everesting Everest

How hard would it be to climb the height of Mount Everest in a single ride? That is, riding until you climbed 29,029 feet. So what about Everesting on Mount Everest?

If there’s a more difficult way to tackle that feat, it hasn’t occurred to us. Selene interviewed Shannon Bufton who runs a tour company that took people to Everest base camp to ride a 1.5-mile stretch of road that climbed at 5 percent. Zhuangchen “JJ” Zhou of Hong Kong completed the feat, with 177 trips up the road for 263 total miles ridden in roughly 26 hours. 



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  1. Jeremy Stewart

    Selene went to the Serk website and then the Cycling Tips article while listening to you and Shannon. Like you I know can not get that road, and mountain out of my head. However, I have NO WAY near the fitness of you and so could not see me riding there (yet!). And yes and silently thinking how i could see those roads and views myself from here in small town New Zealand!

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