Paceline Tandem: Sarah Lee

Paceline Tandem: Sarah Lee

Veteran Sarah Lee says she faced a choice. Figure out how to reconnect with her nation following her military service … or kill herself. Fortunately for her, and her many compatriots and fellow vets, she found a way to reconnect with her nation. She decided to ride coast to coast and discover America at the granular level, one person at at time.

This is a long interview, but it is worth staying with.



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Selene’s story on Sarah Lee

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  1. Dizzy

    First off, “Thank You” to Patrick and Selene for providing the good service to bring us this story.

    Secondly, “Thank You” Selene for allowing Sarah the opportunity to tell the story in such a non-rushed, free-flow format. I would have listened for as long as it took to tell the story.

    To Sarah, a “Thank You” is not enough.
    We embrace you. You ARE a cyclist.
    We embrace your choice of life over death.
    We embrace your journey.
    We embrace your victory; your “coming home”.

    And lastly, “Thank You” for your acknowledgement of the Viet Nam vets.
    Some of them are still trying to “get home”.

    1. Selene

      Thank you!
      That means the world to me.
      I wanted to give her all the time she needed to speak and express herself.
      I knew it was “running long”
      I didn’t care that it was “running long”
      I really appreciate your words.
      Her journey is one of many, and it’s of the utmost importance.

  2. EvoDavo

    Outstanding work by Sarah and Selene. What a free flowing mix of insights, emotions and reminders of the long shadows that are cast by war. Inspires all of us to be better humans. Courage and love can occupy the same space at the same time.

  3. sam

    Thank You Sarah for so beautifully sharing your story. Thank you for deciding to live and completeing your “Vital Mission”. Your ride and realization that this country is a wonderful collection of caring citizens is a message we all need to hear regularly to drown out the divisive rhetoric which regularly bombards us to garner our votes or dollars…….
    Thank You Selene for so perfectly bringing Sarah”s story at a pace and breadth that allows us so fully share this important journey!!
    As an Army Reserve Surgeon with 5 deployments to AFG and Iraq; Sarah’s struggles are familiar, and similar to many of my Veteran friends; not all of whom have found a path back…….. Sarah’s description of her initial feelings after returning home are well described in Sebastian Junger’s book, “Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging”. An enlightening read for everyone.
    Thanks again for this wonderful message, welcome to the cycling Tribe…. Cheers!

  4. Sheila

    Great interview, thank you!
    Thank you for your service, Sarah Lee!! I hope to someday accomplish the same (or similar) cross-country cycling feat! I’d ride with you any day, by the way.

  5. Nathan

    Thank you for this amazing interview. It has really changed my understanding of war veterans. Sarah is very skilled at putting feelings into words, and the praise she gave Selene at the end of the interview was thoroughly justified. I think my heart did actually stop for a moment when she flat out just asked if Sarah felt like she needed to deserve to be here because other people weren’t.

    1. Selene

      Nathan, it really changed my understanding as well!
      These are hard things to talk about, but people like Sarah help us understand and have the conversations. I’m so grateful to her for sharing her story and to everyone who is listening and appreciating!

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