Paceline Podcast 135

Paceline Podcast 135

It’s November (you may have noticed) and that means that unless you’re at the height of your cyclocross season, November can present challenges in terms of motivation for workouts, and is the point in the year when finding time to ride in daylight can be a challenge if you normally ride after work. Selene addresses motivation and taking on new challenges while Patrick looks at how sunlight or a lack thereof, can affect riding.



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  1. John Knowlton

    Paceline segment request: I would like to hear Selene talk more about her strength training routine in the gym. What are you doing, how often, what outcome do you expect, how do you measure it, etc. Thanks! The two of you have developed a real rapport and I enjoy the show.

  2. Selene

    Funny you request that! I was thinking after this week that I should tell you guys more about what I’m actually doing. So you got it!

  3. Robert

    Ten years ago or so I was on a job and we were at it all day on our feet, etc, and at the end of the day the art director pulls out his sneakers and changes into his running gear and I asked him what was up- he said he was going to run home – something I could not fathom – I did not know the distance but it seemed far (it was about 9 miles) and I also did not understand how he had the energy for that after a long day or that it might actually feel good. That was the inspiration for me to begin running and a year later I did the same thing and it felt amazing and I “got it”.

    Never underestimate the power of example. Your behavior does affect other people.

    1. Selene

      Aw Thanks!
      And you’re right. It was someone I saw doing triathlons that inspired me to try.
      We’re all here inspiring each other!

  4. Jason D Braaten

    I don’t know if you have done this before, but how about something about tips for managing “life” (house work etc) while training.

    1. Selene

      Jason…I did one pull on that topic in which I basically said it’s impossible to “do it all,” but it’s not impossible to “do it most.” I’ll definitely put on the list to cover! (I just did a talk on that subject at the Philly Bike Expo)

    2. Jason Braaten

      Thanks much ma’am, will scrub through the archives. My wife, daughter and I are getting ready to ramp up training for a Double Century, and since the last time we did it, we bought a house and have a half acre to care for as well as the house/laundry/pets. Seems like something will be lost, but will appreciate your tips.

    3. Selene

      Jason…a few things will be temporarily lost along the way, but not as much as will be gained! I promise you that. Stay tuned. I’ll touch on it more thoroughly on next week’s show!

  5. Tominalbany

    In Albany, NY, we were around 9F on Turkey morning. My mother-in-law’s place, two hours north, were at 1F. Thankfully, we were visiting my sister-in-law in sunny, Tampa, FL. Sunny and 75 each day! No bike but, for a week, I took the trade. And, I ran my first 5k in like 6 months!

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