Paceline Podcast 134

Paceline Podcast 134

Patrick is back from his trip to Taiwan. While there he attended a trade show, rode a few ebikes, did a bike tour down the eastern coast of Taiwan and then visited a series of factories. He even managed to squeeze in a group ride. Before the jetlag sets in too much, he discusses with Selene the things that impressed him most on his visit.

There’s no time like the present, right? We’re always saying that, but how often do we just jump into something? So often, we are afraid to go to the gym because we don’t look skinny like the people who work out daily. Selene recently encountered a woman who got tired of being on the sidelines and decided to start racing cyclocross. A year later and she is not only living her best life, she has transformed herself, and the secret was finding a supportive community.



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  1. Superdave

    Great stuff P&S! We’ll have to host you both in Taiwan for a proper tour of some of the best cycling on the planet. I’ve said many times if I owned a cycling team we’d spend training camps there, not Mallorca, Tenerife, or Girona.

  2. Hannah

    Long time fan of SP and so so supportive and happy of ALL outlets that give her the insane props she deserves!!! Outstanding work 🙂

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