Seven Cycles Gravel Travel – Just for RKP Readers

Seven Cycles Gravel Travel – Just for RKP Readers

As Padraig mentioned last month, we have been talking over the summer about running another affiliate program with Seven Cycles (where I work), a program that pays RKP $500 for every bike ordered. The last time we ran this program, we opened it up to our entire product line, but Seven builds custom bikes, one-at-a-time, so we have an ability to deliver exactly what the rider wants, and in that spirit we decided to focus this time on a bike many readers don’t already have, a travel/gravel bike.

That’s the last bike we built for Padraig. He was looking for an easy-to-pack bike that was bomb-proof and versatile enough to handle fast group road rides or aggressive, off-road adventures. If you’ve been reading for a few years, you’ve seen that bike pop up almost everywhere he has traveled. He even helped us name it, the Airheart SL.

It is a mistake though, to understand this bike as solely for travel. Like any of our custom bikes, it’s going to be the best bike for hometown riding, too, with your geometry, your tubeset, your features, and your preferences for comfort and handling built in.

Once you do head for the airport, you’ll save excess baggage fees and no matter where you go you’ll have YOUR bike, which is a massive upgrade and additional cost saving, over whatever rentals are available.

To make this simple, we’ve put together the same basic bike in a few different builds, each with their own advantages. We have bundled the bikes with the S&S Machine Backpack Case (including all the travel accessories), but we can source other cases. You will also notice that all of the build kits feature mechanical disc brakes. These are the easiest to break apart, pack, and travel with. Hydraulics are available, upon request.

We are also doing these bikes with bead-blasted logos, no adhesive decals to scrape up going in and out of the case. These, normally $200, are free for this promotion.

1) Airheart S/Rival 22 mechanical disc – The most durable travel bike we make with the workhorse Rival 22 build kit. 2×11 with climbing gears for hillier adventures. Mechanical discs set up and break down easily without additional parts or tools. Get this bike with S&S Backpack case bundle for $7699.

2) Airheart S/Ultegra mechanical disc – For those who prefer Shimano. Ultra-durable straight-gauge titanium frame with rock-solid Ultegra mechanical set up. Get this bike with S&S Backpack case bundle for $7999.

3) Airheart S/Force 1x mechanical disc – Simplicity at its best. Breaks down and builds up more quickly. Great for riders who don’t anticipate big climbing days. Get this bike with S&S Backpack case bundle for $8049.

4) Airheart SL/Force 1x mechanical disc – A step up to double-butted tubing, which lets us put some strategic compliance into the mix, so we can keep the drivetrain stiff, but soften the front end for all-day comfort. Get this bike with S&S Backpack case bundle for $8499.

5) Airheart SL/Shimano 8050 Ultegra Di2 mechanical disc – Double-butted tubing gives the best, tunable compliance while remaining highly performance-oriented. Di2 cables split where the couplers split the frame, making this, literally, a plug-and-play option. Get this bike with S&S Backpack case bundle for $9399.

What next?

Learn more about our process.

Explore the bikes more fully.

Start your order.

Place your $500 deposit.

The value of this program, for RKP, has no upper limit, and if you’re local to Padraig, he will deliver the bike himself.

The Fine Print: Deposits need to be in by close of business October 31st. Bikes will be delivered through your closest Seven retailer (or by Padraig). This offer cannot be combined with any other offers

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