Paceline Podcast #133

Paceline Podcast #133

Let’s talk about dressing for cold weather riding. How important is humidity in how you dress? Should 45 degree weather result in the same kit selection regardless of where you live? Maybe not. Selene digs into this with a funny story about some recent transplants who are struggling to adjust.

Patrick is headed to Taiwan. He’s going to be riding from the northern tip to the southern tip and encountering a bit of the sparsely populated eastern coast of the island. After that he will be visiting some factories. And he’s taking suggestions for who he should visit.



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  1. Jackie Gammon

    Living in Maine, we have to learn to dress for anything that is outdoor related. I don’t have to deal with humidity here in Maine, but I do have to worry about wind and changing weather patterns. I don’t want to climb a hilly route and sweat, but then ride home riding downhill and not generating a lot of body heat and freeze. .. and of course the winds, temps can also change Then we throw in winter weather, so subzero temps along with wind, snow etc… Needless to say, I have learned to dress and quite often I’ve found that nordic ski clothing is often times better suited to riding in the cold then cycling… And that is coming from someone who owns a bike shop.

    1. Selene

      That’s funny. I have quite a few friends in Maine who also call on Nordic ski clothing often. Learning to dress for a bike ride in all weather is definitely an art form!

  2. David

    Great discussion on caffeine, but it’s worth noting that tea and yerba mate are not made from the same plant. tea is from Camelia sinensis, while yerba mate is made from Ilex paraguariensis. Tea contains theanine, while yerba mate does not.

    1. Selene

      Thanks for the clarification! I learned something. I’ll do a little more homework on yerba mate. Thanks for listening!

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