Paceline Podcast 131

Paceline Podcast 131

For pro teams, finding sponsors and keeping said sponsors happy is more difficult than ever before. This week Selene takes a look at the new strategy from EF Education First-Drapac-Rapha. They have announced that they will be taking on some events that aren’t part of the World Tour, which means we may see some pink kits at events like Dirty Kanza and the Red Hook Criterium. This could get cool. 

A couple of weeks ago Eliud Kipchoge broke the world record for the marathon, running a 2:01.39 in Berlin. And while this show isn’t about running, his training regimen piqued Patrick’s interest. Why? Kipchoge does the vast majority of his miles in Zone 2. The world’s greatest marathoner isn’t a slave to HIIT. Go figure.



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Red Kite Prayer is hosting its first-ever event October 12th through 14th, 2018, the Red Kite Ronde et Vous. The two-and-a-half day event will feature bikes from some of the industry’s top frame builders, two gravel rides, some of the world’s finest craft beers, which are brewed locally, plus enough food to make the pedaling fun. For more information, or to register, go here


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  1. Keith Kenworthy

    I was looking for the Primal Endurance podcast that Patrick mentioned. Is it Brad Kearns podcast titled “Deconstructing Eluid Kipchoge’s Incredible Marathon Record”? I also found Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint podcast but could not find an episode about Kipchoge.

    1. Author

      Yes, that’s the one. Sorry; I should have clarified that while Mark Sisson is the brains behind Primal Endurance, Brad Kearns is the voice behind the Primal Endurance podcast.

  2. Neil Winkelmann

    Wow, lots of time spent riding fairly easily? That sounds awesome. The bit about allowing your heart to run a full stroke made a lot of sense to me. I’ve been planning to add more “ride so hard I puke” hill intensity for the spring. I might have to re-think. Get a coach? A heart-rate monitor? Who would have thought?

    I think Simon Mottram was spot-on when he dais that EF-Drapc are a better marketing fit than was Sky. They have a great bunch of riders who are easier to like than many of the guys at Sky. Who doesn’t love Rigo and Rusty? JV, for all his flaws is also WAY less toxic to the brand than Brailsford was. I love the idea of the team re-inventing what a pro team could be.

    (And I’m still going to pissed if a bunch of pros get a call-up to DK200 in January and I miss out!)

    1. Author

      One can’t help but wonder if Rapha’s parting of ways with Sky had something to do with the general belief that Sky is really just Postal 2.0 and they didn’t want to have their brand associated with Brailsford’s operation when it comes down like the walls of Troy. I’d bet my son’s smile on it.

    2. Neil Winkelmann

      I wouldn’t take that bet. Their is a toxicity around Sky that simply isn’t there with EF-Drapac.

  3. Tominalbany

    Soooooo many thoughts. Just a couple though…

    1. Pliny the Elder: It’s available on tap in Philadelphia at Monks. Get yourself there, Selene. It’s a great bar and the mussels are killer! They usually have a couple of other from Russian River on tap.
    2. Regarding Pros doing non-UCI races, wait for the backlash. “Ted King took my podium spot!” will become “Rusty Woods and Taylor Phinney are ringers and should leave our events alone!”
    3. Regarding #2, I don’t care in the least if these guys run local races. But, then again, I was never going to win them either. And it’s sour grapes.
    4. JV is a pretty cool guy. He owns his history and choices without letting them define him. Also, he really seems to be trying hard to make pro cycling as well-understood among ‘regular’ Americans as the other major sports, or maybe the other minor sports? Anyway, I dig the guy and was happy to be part of the Save Argyle campaign!

    I can’t wait to hear about your respective events during the next podcast! Good luck!

    1. Neil Winkelmann

      It’s not pros taking podium spots I’m worried about (presumably few will be riding in the 55-60 age group 😉 ), it is the scarce entries being pre-allocated that reduces my chances of getting a start at all. And I’m almost entirely joking, as a couple of pro teams don’t really shift my odds in an 800-rider lottery.

  4. Selene

    Which is why I said you’ll see more events popping up like the Coast to Coast (which is very much like DK back in the day in many ways). I think it’s a net positive. But time will tell!

    And I love Monks! I’ll have to make a trip!

    1. Neil Winkelmann

      I’ve entered the Coast to Coast, but sadly, a schedule clash has me likely to miss it. So all my eggs are now pretty-much back in the DK200 basket. Fingers crossed.

  5. Ginnis

    I am listening to podcast 126. I love the discussion of balancing work, domestic, riding… THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! I love you guys. such honesty.

  6. Fausto

    The top marathoners are all genetic freaks just like top cyclists, but. My issue is that Africa does not have an accredit doping lab and it sounds like with the low number of events these guys run no one is watching what is going on. With big sneaker money in the game it looks like things we have seen in cycling. Cross Country skiers, African distance runners, Jamaican sprinters, the Russian thing…. I trust the World Tour riders more than those guys.

  7. ward

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    alpinism-mt running and xc skiing, many here may find it informative and useful.

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