Paceline Podcast 130

Paceline Podcast 130

Have you ever ridden across the country? It is one of those things that many of us have considered, and most of us haven’t found either the time or the motivation to do it. Selene encountered a vet named Sarah Lee who rode from the East Coast to the Golden Gate Bridge. We have a short clip from the interview and she talks about what she encountered on her trip. Stay tuned for an episode of Tandem with her full interview.

Depression comes in a few different flavors, and one of them for athletes is the depression that can come as a result of being off the bike due to injury. Patrick talks about the neuroscience of what’s missing—specifically the neurotransmitters that make up a flow state—when you don’t get to ride, and then what you can do to try to get that fix. Whether you’re a baker, love video games or like working on the thing you can’t ride, there’s a solution out there.



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Red Kite Prayer is hosting its first-ever event October 12th through 14th, 2018, the Red Kite Ronde et Vous. The two-and-a-half day event will feature bikes from some of the industry’s top frame builders, two gravel rides, some of the world’s finest craft beers, which are brewed locally, plus enough food to make the pedaling fun. For more information, or to register, go here


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  1. Neil Winkelmann

    Cycle touring is indeed a great way to meet people. They are almost unfailingly welcoming in my experience. But then again, it is easy to be welcoming to someone who looks like you, speaks your language and who is obviously going to be moving on soon. Moving a significant number of Syrian refugee families (for example) into a mid-western town would be more of a litmus test of true welcoming character of the people who live there. They might have different experience than I, an old white guy, would have.

  2. Matthew

    great to hear about Sarah Lee and her accomplishment riding across the country even more over the ptsd and post war effects but also this was one downer of an episode folks. 🙂 you guys need to ride then do the podcast 😉

    1. Selene

      I actually HAD just rode! But then I got all choked up talking about her again! Will swing in the other direction this week! : )

    2. Author

      Yeah, sorry ’bout that. Hopefully you still feel it was worth it. (And as you surmised, I didn’t get my ride until after the show, but honestly, I’m not sure going before we recorded would have made a difference.) This week will be more upbeat, I promise.

  3. John Thompson

    Why the dig on fat bikes (“when that was a thing back in the 90s”)? Purchasing a fat bike a year ago has added hundreds of miles of additional riding for me by making accessible a whole lot more trails, roads (gravel), events, and days of the year I can ride outside. And I find it just plain fun to ride as do many others who continue to buy fat bikes and ride them and share their experiences with like minded folks. Riding the roads where I live continues to get less safe so my road bike was not getting used much. Only been reading/listening to RKP a short time but had previously put it in the non-judgmental category of cycling perspectives where any bike that gets people riding is a good thing. Perhaps wrongly?

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