The Red Kite Ronde et Vous: an Update

The Red Kite Ronde et Vous: an Update

We’re two weeks out from our first event and I gotta say, I’m excited for it. We’re feeling the first nip of fall here in Sonoma County and the harvest has begun for the Pinot. That means that by the time we roll for our rides the air should be carrying the sweetness of ripened red grapes. The weeks during harvest, seeing the flurry of activity in fields tined like a giant’s fork and catching the aroma of those grapes should you ride behind a truck carrying bins for the crush, well, this is as good as Sonoma County gets.

On a more technical note, just before I left for Interbike I learned from a reader that he’d had trouble paying by credit card. After looking into the issue and talking with a representative at our processor I came to the conclusion that we’d been without credit card service for perhaps as long as three months. So for anyone who attempted to register, or just to buy a T-shirt or jersey and couldn’t because you were unable to use your credit card I: 1. apologize and 2. assure you that it is possible to do so now, and your info is completely secure.

For those of you who have already registered, you’ll be getting an email soon with some more info about our schedule and links to GPS routes of the rides. We encourage everyone to use a GPS with mapping features for both rides, though Saturday’s is the one that has the greater opportunity to end up wildly off course. If for some reason you don’t have a unit to keep you from winding up in Mendocino, please let us know and we will provide you with a route sheet.

Another technical note: We’ve gotten a few questions about equipment and tire selection. We definitely recommend bikes with disc brakes, but that’s only because of tire clearance. While it is possible to ride Saturday’s Old Caz loop with 35s, or even 33s if you’re really careful, with Sunday’s route in Annadel State Park, 38s are my suggested minimum; you can get through with 35s, but you’ll need to pick your line more carefully. Running 40s for both days gives you the opportunity to ride with near impunity. As to gearing, for mortals like me, I’d suggest a combination that gives you a 1×1 ratio on the low end. You needn’t worry about the high end as these roads are so twisty you’re unlikely ever to reach 40 mph.

Last, I have a fix on just how many of our exhibitors will be staying at the Astro and can now open up rooms for attendees to stay there as well. If you’re interested in getting one of the amazing rooms at the Astro, drop us a note at: info [at]

Thanks and I look forward to meeting all of you there.

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