The Pull: Erik Noren of Peacock Groove, Part II

The Pull: Erik Noren of Peacock Groove, Part II

On this week’s show, we continue our conversation with Erik Noren of Peacock Groove. Last week we talked about some of Noren’s signature creations like his Evil Dead bike and his Appetite for Destruction bike. While those works generated some controversy, much of this week’s show will focus on a bike that has been widely acclaimed for its incredible attention to detail. That bike is his collaboration with Anna Schwinn, an homage to the rock star, songwriter, guitarist, producer and filmmaker, Prince.

The Purple Rain bike is really all Noren needs in terms of a resume. It’s a bike that in its devotion to its subject shows the full range of expression of which Noren is capable. Put another way, this bike is so badass that Chuck Norris bowed out of the ring.

We open the conversation by talking about his experience of attending a lunch sponsored by Balvenie to honor people at the top of their craft.

Also, a warning/reminder: there is a fair amount of swearing in this episode.

The Pull will be on a break next week while Patrick is in Reno for Interbike. The show will be back the week after.



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For more information about Erik Noren visit Peacock Groove.

For my full post on the Prince bike, go here.


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