Paceline Podcast 127

Paceline Podcast 127

Forget ‘cross is coming. ‘Cross is here. Last weekend, Labor Day Weekend for crying out loud, the first big race of the season was held in Delaware—Granogue. And yet, it was hotter than than the seat in a Congressional hearing. Considering cyclocross was invented as a winter sport to keep bloodflow to the feet, what is a person to do with such intense racing in such hot conditions? Selene ponders this question.

The annual Dinosaur Ride, a collection of some of the very best racers of the 1970s and ’80s took place in Northern California last weekend. We had an interloper, er, reporter on scene. And he had fearsomely good legs that day. When it was mostly unneeded. And when he wasn’t expecting it. Patrick says he had bad legs when he needed good legs and because now that he has the opposite, he’s wondering if periodization, even without goals, might be a helpful way to prevent such surprises.



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