Just for RKP Readers

Just for RKP Readers

Last spring we tried something new to RKP. We undertook a sponsorship with our friends at Seven Cycles where RKP readers could purchase a bike and RKP would benefit by receiving a portion of the sale. Anyone in California got the added benefit of being fitted by yours truly, and as it happens one reader in LA did buy a frameset, so I made a new friend when I went down to do the fitting.

What we heard then, was that readers were interested, but not prepared to order on such short notice, so we resolved to try again, but give a bit more notice. This time around, I am also participating more directly in the design of the bikes.

Back in 2014 I worked with Seven to design a new model in their lineup, the Airheart, a travel/gravel bike with clearance for big tires. It has turned out to be the single most versatile bike in my quiver, and Seven has done pretty well with the model ever since.

For the month of October Seven will be taking orders on a special run of Airhearts with stock sizing we’ve agreed on together. There will be a selection of travel-optimized parts kits to choose from and a few different cases, too. You can get your bike directly from me, here in California, or through one of Seven’s many local partners near where you live. The bikes will have some unique features and options, and pricing will be attractive, relative to what you might otherwise spend on a custom titanium gravel bike with couplers.

I have become thoroughly convinced of the value of having a bike like this, with the versatility to do a wide range of rides, locally or far from home. It saves on baggage fees and bike rentals, and makes traveling to ride a much simpler proposition.

We’re giving you a heads-up now in case you’ve been contemplating the purchase of a gravel bike, a travel bike or some flavor of titanium road bike. The Airheart ticks all of those boxes rather well. You’ll have until October 31 to get your deposit in to be a part of this deal.

As those TV announcer types say, stay tuned.



  1. Scott

    Good timing, I’ve been thinking of replacing my breakaway with something that will fit wider tires. Anxious to see the geometry and build options.

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