Paceline Podcast 125

Paceline Podcast 125

How do you eat? This isn’t a question about whether or not you chew, but what do you fuel with? Selene talked to Hannah Grant, the author of Eat. Race. Win. a book all about fueling for cyclists, and for that matter, endurance athletes. We excerpt a piece of her interview, the entirety of which will run in an episode of Paceline Tandem shortly. Listeners who want to get a 20 percent discount on any of her books can do so by following a link below in our show notes.

This past weekend Patrick went to Mendocino County to do the first-ever two-day Grasshopper Adventure. At more than 15 hours on the bike, and with nearly seven of those hours spent on dirt, he was a little punch drunk by the end. The question on his mind is why the culture is so strong around events like this and what we have to do to make more cycling events cultural gatherings and not just a chance to win a prize.



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Red Kite Prayer is hosting its first-ever event October 12th through 14th, 2018, the Red Kite Ronde et Vous. The two-and-a-half day event will feature bikes from some of the industry’s top frame builders, two gravel rides, some of the world’s finest craft beers, which are brewed locally, plus enough food to make the pedaling fun. For more information, or to register, go here


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Hannah Grant, author of Eat. Race. Win.
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Grasshopper Adventure Series’ Mendo Hopper

Osmo Nutrition

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  1. Lyford

    I don’t know how to make an event an Event, but I am getting tired of everyone promoting their event as the hardest/roughest/toughest. What about most spectacular, or most scenic, or best food, or most fun?

    I realize that the hammerhead demographic may be the ones most likely to travel to and pay for an event, but there’s more to a memorable ride than how much vertical you can cram into the route.

    If you want an Event and not just a ride, give me a reasons to get there early and stay after.

    1. Author

      Like you, I’m out on the hardest/toughest thing. This ‘Hopper wasn’t billed that way. It was sold as two days of something we already love. It made no claims about being the prettiest or best fed or best anything. It was just two days of ‘Hopper, which I think was very likely a more honest sales pitch. The Grasshoppers are particular the way a double IPA is particular. I can’t sell you on it. You either like all the hops and the high alcohol, or you don’t. Neither harm, nor foul. I’ve done rides that were longer, had more climbing or were more … something. Again, this wasn’t meant to be most of anything. It was simply more of a great thing. The Grasshoppers are hard enough that I think trying to sell them to people on anything other than exactly what they are is a disservice to the event as much as the rider. For those who don’t see the appeal, that is perfectly fine. Move along, nothing to see here.

    2. Selene

      That’s a timely observation, I think. There’s a great ride I do every year that is really pretty hard, but also just really great fun. The promoter keeps tinkering with it to make it harder, which I worry will turn this beautiful ride into just a beatdown. I think there’s an appeal of rides that are a challenge just to finish. I certainly don’t think they should all be. There is definitely room for “just awesome.” There Farm to Table Fondos out here on the East Coast nail that quality in spades.

  2. Jeff vdD

    Patrick and Selene, I don’t know when or how many times you’ve ridden the D2R2 in western MA, but my experiences (2013 100k, 2014 160k, 2015 40 mi, 2016 115k) couldn’t have been better. Patrick, if your poor experience was one-and-done, it’s time for a refresh, Camping before/after well organized. Excellent breakfast. Clear routes (paper and electronic–I get that the Mystery Ride might be different in this regard). Fantastic lunch stop. Solid additional stops. Wonderful volunteers. Spectular scenery. 90% dirt. Great after-party.

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