Paceline Podcast 120

Paceline Podcast 120

Selene has a dilemma. She’s watching the Tour de France. And enjoying it. She’s concerned that maybe she shouldn’t be enjoying it or that she should be more concerned about the doping or how awfully the UCI is running the sport. It seems a guilty pleasure and she’s not sure how guilty she should feel.

Patrick has been tracking the news on all the tariffs being levied on products being imported to the United States. He started wondering just how many bicycle-related products that means and was shocked to find that the list reads like an inventory of the bicycle itself. Folks, bikes are about to become more expensive.

Oh, and that photo? From a post-dinner, golden-hour ride Selene did last week.



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  1. Tominalbany


    Any sport I watch is for the human drama. In the case of my favorite teams, sometimes the drama is my own!

    As for the cheating and career numbers, I had to get over that when McGwire and Sosa (et al!) got busted in baseball. (I’d heard rumors about Lance but didn’t buy in until LUG filled me in.) It was then that I came out of my cocoon (and became a beautiful butterfly!!! — ummm no) and realized that, in all professional sports, athletes are trying to work every advantage possible. Sometimes it’s called cheating and sometimes it’s called taking advantage of the rules (or lack thereof). I’m not saying I condone it. I’m saying I expect it. There’s a lot of money and fame riding on a career in sport. We’ve created the beast over the last century…

    Don’t feel bad. You’re allowed to like and enjoy that which you like and enjoy, as long as you’re not hurting anyone. Go for it!

    1. Selene

      I hear you! And thanks for your input. I appreciate it. I remember watching McGwire knock the lights out of the park night after night, too….It was fun to watch! But yes, so complicated. I still enjoy watching spectator spots. and enjoy participating in my own on very different terms!

  2. Neil Winkelmann

    I watch it for entertainment. I understand it’s flaws and, for the most part, can get past that.

    It would be sad if we had too much emotional energy invested in simply watching sports. We should save our passion for participating. And that’s the truly great thing about cycling. The fans (mostly) are also participants. I don’t think you can say the same about MLB, NHL, NBA or NFL, where the vast majority of fans don’t play at all.

    1. Tominalbany

      Neil, I think you underestimate on both sides of the equation. I play backyard/driveway versions of all kinds of sport with my friends and family.

      I also know some cycling racing fans that don’t ride.

    2. Neil Winkelmann

      Tom, for every pro cycling fan that doesn’t ride (and yes, they exist), I’ll show you 10 cyclists that don’t give a toss about professional racing. I think there is a significant difference between cycling, a participation sport, which has most of its existence outside of the competitive sphere (and spectating); and baseball, basketball, football, tennis, etc where without competition those sports would hardly exist at all.

  3. Dan Murphy

    Thanks, good podcast, always like to hear what Selene has to say, especially about tough rides/races.

    Suggestion: Stop laughing. I don’t mean stop laughing in life, as we could always do with more laughter, and laughter is the best medicine. I mean stop, or at least minimize, the laughter during the podcast. It comes across as nervous laughter, kind of dorky, resulting in an amateurish production. Sorry, I tried to come up with a better way to make this point and gave up. You guys know your stuff and have good things to say – just say it without the nervous laughter.

    1. Selene

      Thanks Dan. Sorry you feel that way about the laughter. I’m definitely a laugher in life, professional and personal. Can’t promise I can change my personality for the podcast. But I’ll try to keep it to a dull roar. Thanks for listening!

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