The Pull: Kristen Ulmer

The Pull: Kristen Ulmer

On this week’s show, my guest is teacher, author and creator Kristen Ulmer. In the early 1990s Ulmer rose to international prominence as the world’s foremost female big mountain extreme skier. It’s a status she held for an astonishing 12 years. Able to huck any cliff and ski die-if-you-fall lines, she went big and gathered sponsors like Red Bull, Ralph Lauren and Nikon.

And Ulmer was no one-trick pony. Her mountain exploits led her to become an expert ice and rock climber, paraglider, kite boarding, mountain biking and even flying trapeze. It’s no wonder the outdoor industry voted her the most extreme woman athlete in North America.

What’s amazing is that she walked away from it all in 2003. After having two near-death experiences in a matter of days, she got off the mountain. The next 15 years saw her study with a Zen master and from that she emerged to begin teaching people how to deal with fear. Why? Because she’d realized that fear had been the biggest ingredient in her success. Last year she published the book, “The Art of Fear, why conquering fear won’t work and what to do instead.”



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  1. Neil Winkelmann

    Great podcast. I’m just loving the podcasts where people like Selene, Alison, Yuri and now Kristen are really open about their feelings and experience.

    1. Tominalbany



      Padraig, Having Fatty and Hottie leave has given you a huge leg up. and, I don’t mean that in any negative sort of way. I just really think you’ve grabbed this bull by the horns and used it to move you forward!

  2. Roxy A

    Thank you Padraig, really digging the shows!
    The new formats and and the varied discussions are thought provoking.
    I look forward to each and every episode. The Pull is my favorite, as I am embarking on building my own frames and never thought I’d hear a podcast covering builders so well.
    Thanks again and again!

  3. Andy

    I so appreciate the intellectual depth of knowledge and emotional experiences shared in rhis podcast. Even as a novice rider, the concepts apply to even my own experiences and I find can be generalized to other life situations. Thankyou for following your passion and creating this podcast. Well done!

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