Paceline Podcast 116

Paceline Podcast 116

Last weekend’s Dirty Kanza introduced a new length, the DKXL, a 350-mile version of the unofficial world championship of gravel racing. In this episode we talk about both the 350 and the 250 and excerpt two coming interviews with Yuri Hauswald, who finished 2nd in the DKXL and Alison Tetrick, who finished third in the DK 200.

We also take some time to discuss the controversy around teammates and drafting at this year’s race. There are a variety of opinions about when it is okay to take a draft from another rider in a gravel event and we will explore some of the different philosophies and objections on this score. We’ll settle nothing, but maybe shed some light on some views other than the ones many of us have held up until now.



Announcing the inaugural “unPAved of the Susquehanna River Valley” a premier raw road adventure through 120 miles of Central Pennsylvania onOctober 14th. Easy on the eyes and hard on the legs.

The Paceline is also supported by Eliel Cycling. Crafted in California, the Eliel brand combines the latest technology with cycling tradition to deliver an experience that is authentically California. View their retail gear and custom program at


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  1. bloodpuddle

    Really enjoying your new paceline podcast line-up (I liked the old one too!). Keep it up, Patrick & Selene!

    1. Author

      Thanks so much. I loved the show we had, so I wanted to make sure to honor that by presenting something every bit as good (and maybe even better in time).

  2. Michael Lemberger

    You liked that the DKXL riders had to resupply at C-stores? I don’t know how you felt about Trans Iowa before, but it sounds like you get it now.

    Also, I take your point about aero bars, but pushing against big winds out there, possibly by yourself? Yeah, aero bars.

    1. Author

      Trans Iowa sounds like a remarkable event. I’m not sure what I didn’t get before, but what I will say is that while I dig events like DKXL, my personal ambitions as a rider are for shorter events.

      On the aero bars score, I totally get why someone might want them, but I also recall seeing big packs at DK last year and riders getting squirrelly in turns if they went too far inside or outside. Given how often people crash at gravel events (isn’t that just part of the experience?), I will continue to have concerns.

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