Paceline Tandem #05

Paceline Tandem #05

I first read Bicycling Magazine editor Selene Yeager’s work in the 1990s. Having edited the work of health and fitness writers, I knew what good work looked like and hers was exemplary. She did a remarkable job of balancing the science side of things with the dimensions that are curious (and helpful) to cyclists.

What makes Yeager different is that she wasn’t a journalist first and a health and fitness writer second. She’s a science writer and gradually moved into writing for mainstream publications. Her training gives her a critical eye that has seen her steer clear of all the fad diets currently consuming Hollywood. Better yet, her approach and sensibility is down-to-earth, making talking with her a real pleasure.

Of course, her writing about diet and training is just one piece of who she is. She’s not called “the Fit Chick” for nothing. We also talk about her athletic life.




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  1. Fausto

    See her a few times a year at area rides and she is crazy tough on a bike and a sweetheart off. Good people

    1. Author

      It was recorded about six weeks ago and excerpted in a previous episode of the Paceline. It took me a while to edit the rest and get it up, so this is the first you’re hearing of the vast majority of it.


    As a local, I get to ride with Selene on occasion. She’s an absolute beast on a bike, but one of the nicest, giving and levelheaded beasts I’ve ever had the honor to ride with.

  3. David Savage

    Good to think about with the kids. What I’ve found really nice is that you can take chickpeas, bring them to a boil in white vinegar and then let them sit for an hour, then toss with olive oil and salt and bake. Ends up tasting a lot like a salt-and-vinegar chip but much healthier. can also do it with garlic, or cayenne, or whatever.

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