Paceline Podcast 114

Paceline Podcast 114

After a brief hiatus, the Paceline is back in a slightly different format. Fatty has a new Leadville podcast he’s producing, and as one of only eight people to complete Leadville 20 times, there is arguably no one better to produce a podcast devoted to all things Leadville. Hottie has also decided to pursue some other endeavors, though we’re hopeful we can coax him back into some appearances here, provided his schedule isn’t as full as Fatty’s.

Stepping into the show is Selene Yeager, best known as the Fit Chick in Bicycling Magazine. Patrick and Selene got a chance to hang out and do some riding at the Outdoor Blogger Summit in Bentonville, Ark., last fall and they got to talking about podcasting and the thought at the time was to possibly help Selene launch a podcast of her own. My how things turn.

For this week’s show Selene discusses her recent experience at a new gravel event in Michigan, called the Coast to Coast. Patrick, fresh off a humbling experience at the final Grasshopper of the season, King Ridge Dirt Supreme went on to set a PR on a local climb two days later. He’s not sure he knows anything about his own fitness anymore and wonders how anyone can get a handle on things with so much confusing data.



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Show links:

Madibella Necksmith Inflatable Pillow

Michigan Coast to Coast

King Ridge Dirt Supreme Grasshopper

Trigger Point Grid Vibe


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  1. Aaron

    Cool Selene Yeager is now a part of the paceline. Congrats!
    Given the last year or so of all of us listening the the team of three, Patrick, What happened to the other two?
    Seems like an abrupt split and followed by silence and not addressing the situation makes me, and likely all of us, wonder what up.

    1. Author

      Fair question. While I knew that Fatty had some additional endeavors afoot, I was simply given no advance notice that he decided he needed the time he was devoting to the Paceline for the new podcasts. Hottie decided that without Elden he would take a break. For my part, when I commit to something, I stay committed until doing so just isn’t possible. I saw this as an opportunity to make the vote for diversity that I often talk about but don’t get the chance to act upon as frequently as I’d like. I’m bummed to lose them, but undeterred.

  2. Sean


    Glad that the Paceline will continue to roll. My wife, who is not a cyclists, enjoys listening to it as much as I do! I hope that the break with Fattie and Hottie is not a permanent one. However, it will be cool to hear what Selene will bring to the show.

    Best of luck moving forward!

  3. Tominalbany

    I really enjoyed hearing you and Selene speak in this podcast. I’ve always read her Bicycling content and gotten something out of it. Looking forward to hearing more!

  4. Matthew

    really sad to hear about Michael and Elden not being a part of the show. I really appreciated the 3 pull format. I hope that they find another cyclist to take a pull. I will miss the chemistry that you guys had as riders.

    we need a podcast about riding/ commuting in the rain… find someone from northwest or southeast this year to join in. RAIN RAIN go Away!

  5. Jim

    Really enjoyed Selene’s debut as a regular part of the Paceline but will miss Fatty and Hottie for sure. Will definitely give their new show a listen.

  6. Willis

    Have been enjoying the podcast with the three of you, but hey, nothing lasts forever and change is constant. So, really stoked to hear you’ve teamed up with Selene. I’ve often thought that the show needed some geographical balance for us upper mid westerners…stoked that she did the Coast to Coast in my back yard and enjoyed reading her article about the race. I really enjoyed your earlier podcast with her…lots of good stuff in there. Tailwinds to Fatty and Hottie, I’m sure I’ll enjoy their future content whatever it might be. And chapeau to you, Patrick, for the pivot.

    1. Selene

      Thanks for listening! I’m glad you liked what you heard. Hope to continue to entertain and inform as we head down this new road. Cheers!

    1. Selene

      Thank you! And thank you for giving the new line up a chance. I know change is hard and the dynamic will be different. I appreciate the chance to offer another voice.

  7. Steven Fielke

    Patrick I will really, really miss the three of you, (Michael, Elden and yourself), coming together to make what was my very favorite cycling podcast. Eloquent, witty, entertaining and informative are adjectives I would mention if I was asked to describe your recordings. Gutted to know that its not happening anymore.
    On the other hand, I welcome Selene to the scene!

    1. Selene

      Steven, thank you! I hopped on this ride knowing that some longtime fans would be sad to hear my voice in the place of their old favorites. It’s like riding to the coffee shop to meet your regular friends and there’s someone else sitting there from another part of the country you don’t know. Bah! I totally get that! So I appreciate your kind welcome and I hope that I can provide some wit and entertainment for this next stretch of the ride. And we’ll get some other voices in this pack too as we spin along. Meanwhile Elden is knocking it out of the park pursuing his passion to do a Leadville podcast (which as you know is a HUGE passion of his!). So thank you, hope you like what you hear from everyone going forward!

  8. Alec

    I will miss the dulcet tones of Hottie’s voice.
    But change is good. I find Selene really engaging.
    This one is a winner.
    It’ll keep me listening.

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