Save the Date!

Save the Date!

Bikes. Beer. Great riding. It’s a simple recipe, but one that reliably produces terrific results.

RKP is going to produce its first event next fall. It will be a gathering of bike makers and bike riders. We’ll look at great bikes, talk to amazing builders and go for two incredible rides.

The event will take place here in Santa Rosa, October 12, 13 and 14, 2018.

Among the frame builders who are already committed are Black Cat Bicycles, Hampsten Cycles, and Argonaut Cycles. We’ll be announcing more in the near future.

Registration will include the two rides, Friday night reception and Saturday night’s event. We will be serving food so you don’t have to leave to have dinner and local beers including Pliny the Elder from Russian River Brewing Co.

Saturday’s ride will recreate Sonoma County’s most iconic gravel ride: Old Caz, guided by none other than Mr. Grasshopper himself, Miguel Crawford.

And serving as our headquarters for the weekend will be our local oasis for cyclists: The Astro Motel.

A few years back we held a contest to name an event we wanted to produce (but turned out to be just too expensive to do), and the winner to that contest was the Red Kite Rondezvous.

We’re reviving that, but with a little twist: We are excited to present the Red Kite Ronde et Vous. We hope to see you in October. We will post registration info soon.

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  1. Jeff

    This looks great, and different from the many events up your way.

    Am likely schedule challenged this year. Otherwise would this would be my fall event.

  2. Winky

    My dance card is full for the season. I don’t think I could swing another trip. But it looks awesome. Have fun.

  3. David B.

    Do hobbyist builders get extra style points on the rides? Is there a racing category for people riding their own frames? I know there are a lot of us, but we are seldom identified.

    1. Author

      Registration won’t include a room, but you won’t be able to book a room just yet. We want to give exhibitors a chance to book there; most won’t, but a few will.

    1. David Houston

      Jeff D. What to do???? Come West. Levis on the 5th and Patricks on the 12th. wine and food in between.

    1. Author

      With Old Caz, it’s totally doable. I did it just this year with a road tandem running 35mm tires. Sunday’s course will be tougher, but possible if you’re running tires that are bigger, say 40mm, then it should be doable.

  4. Ransom

    Ronde et Vous… I want to go just for the tortured cross-language wordplay! (Wait, is Flemish ‘cross language all by itself?)

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