Industry to Launch New MTB Wheel Size at Sea Otter

Industry to Launch New MTB Wheel Size at Sea Otter

April 1st, Boulder, CO— The Wheel Industry Manufacturers, Planners & Suppliers committee, part of the cycling industry’s international standards group, announced today it will premiere a new open standard for mountain bike wheel size—the 28.125” or V-8 (named after the powerful automobile engine, not the vegetable juice cocktail).

A press conference and public unveiling is scheduled for Day 2 of the Sea Otter Classic on Friday, April 20th.

“The new V-8 standard builds on the work done by Kirk Pacenti who pioneered the now-standard 27.5 or “Tweener” size back in 2007,” said group chair Jürgen Mondlicht. Dr. Mondlicht is also president of the German wheel company Mondlicht Räder GmbH.

“That was more than a decade ago,” Mondlicht continued. “The beauty of the 27.5 or 650B (ISO 584) standard was that it split the difference between the old 26” (ISO 559) rim and the subsequent 29” or 700c (ISO 622). By further splitting the difference—this time between 27.5 and 29”—our engineers have determined the new 28.125” or V-8 (ISO 603) delivers the best of both worlds in terms of angle of attack, precise handling and superior tread grip. It will also offer consumers yet another a new wheel size option and force dealers to inventory another line of bikes for every brand they carry.”

Mountain bike wheel size showing comparing 27.5 and 29" wheels with the new 28.25" standard

The industry’s new 28.125″ wheel size combines the best features of 27.5 and 29″.

In addition to the premiere at Sea Otter, Mondlicht says the new standard will be featured on select 2019 model year bikes offered by many major brands.

Test V-8 bikes will be available for press and attendees at Sea Otter.

Contacted by telephone, a WIMPS spokesperson denied rumours the group was already at work on an even newer size, the 28.5265.

For more information about new the V-8 wheel standard, check out the WIMPS YouTube technical video below:

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    1. Author
      Rick Vosper

      Can’t help you on that one, Miles. Although for the record, I am significantly more corpulent than Elden. Not to mention crapulent.

  1. Bill

    How to reinvent the wheel. Hoping for a completely different brake system and 12 speed drive train.
    It’s all got to be ATB because distracted driving/texting and the lack of ambassadorship has rendered road riding unsafe.

  2. Tominalbany

    I knew I was being Rick-rolled even before I read the article. Ima listen to the song though. Reminds me of fun college days!

  3. souleur

    Personally I am holding out for the 28.677″
    aka V8v2.677 in repeating perpetually
    not that this really matters in ride or even he science of it all, but I heard the marketing will be just fantastic and branded to really target my needs

  4. Dave

    I’m more hoping that bike industry manufacturers and suppliers will announce a 10 year boycott on hiring personnel with marketing degrees. Let ’em think that if someone can write a resume without getting a greasy fingerprint on it they don’t belong in the industry!

    1. Rick Vosper

      Of the people I know in bike industry marketing departments, only a small handful have any formal training in marketing, much less a degree. Bike industry marketing people generally are bike people who come up via the sales desk, greasy fingerprints and all

      Marketing in most bike companies is more like what we call MarCom (“Marketing Communications”) and has nothing to do with product dev…although it is tasked with promoting the product and figure out how it will be launched to market.

      Bike companies tend to market products the way they do because “that’s the way we’ve always done it.”

      This is not to say your idea is a bad one, merely that problems like stupid products are generally created by product people (who likewise have zero marketing training or experience) being allowed to develop new ideas without adult supervision.They tend to figure if they like something, the market will too. Sometimes they’re right. But sometimes we pet projects making their way to market that really ought not to have seen the light of day.

  5. bill

    The only reason for this , is one and is called PROFIT!!! For the bike industry . And we the sheep will follow like dumb whatever they say and do. Reinventing the wheel and discover America… wake up and dont buy anything they want to sell us! thank you

  6. Ransom

    Oh, that half-moment between reading the headline and feeling my eyes drawn to the publication date. Whew!
    The video’s a nice touch.

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