Paceline Podcast #108

Paceline Podcast #108

It’s a podcast about bikes, so it’s no surprise that our hosts like to ride new bikes. And great bikes. And sometimes crazily expensive bikes, like the $15,300 Argonaut that Hottie had a chance to ride recently. In a world where we all joke about the correct number of bikes being N+1, Hottie wonders at what point a bike might be just too expensive.

photo: Jim Pappe

Fatty is also deep in bike love. He recently purchased a new Specialized Epic, his first full-suspension mountain bike since the Clinton administration. And good grief. Don’t get him started on how great it is. Too late, there he goes.

What do you look for in custom clothing? Patrick took time to talk to Ryan Cady, CEO of Eliel Cycling, about what makes their apparel different and to try to get at why he likes their fit so much. (Full disclosure: Eliel is a sponsor of the Paceline.)



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The Paceline is also supported by Eliel Cycling. Crafted in California, the Eliel brand combines the latest technology with cycling tradition to deliver an experience that is authentically California. View their retail gear and custom program at


Show links:

Argonaut Cycles

Eliel Cycling

Specialized Epic

RKP’s Massive Clothing Sale

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  1. Ryan Plum

    Hmm, the version of this that downloaded on my iPhone (Podcast App) is the same audio as last weeks…just FYI

  2. Author

    I made a mistake in uploading the the mp3 initially, but have corrected it. iTunes should catch up shortly. Sorry about the screwup.

  3. Peter

    FYI – I am finding #108 is still playing #107 content. I downloaded the #108 on 3/23 and again today. No change. I use Android phone with Pocket Cast app. Thanks.

    And … great podcast! I am 107 for 107. Hope to be 108 for 108.

  4. Slugsmasher

    Somehow it worked for me on Android “Podkicker” app no problem last week.

    Oh yes, and unless you are free-riding or doing downhill/enduros, full suspension bikes are cheating. Hardtails forever baby!

    Went back from a full sussy to a geared 27.5 trail and a SSXC hardtails years ago. Never looked back.

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