Paceline Podcast 107

Paceline Podcast 107

Where do you come from? Not, where were you born, or where did you grow up, but how were you birthed as a cyclist? This week Fatty tells how he got into cycling and asks Patrick and Hottie what got them into the sport. And despite a concussion on his first ride, Fatty is still at it 20 years later.

Hottie asks what we would do without cycling. That is, if you suddenly couldn’t ride anymore, what would you do with yourself? Brickmason? Charlatan? Or…. The answers and the destinations (Vermont?) are likely to surprise. And what about you? What would you do without cycling in your life?

Patrick spent the length of your average movie on Skype with Selene Yeager, aka the Fit Chick. They discussed diet, weight, weight loss, hard events and the calculus that makes an event feel rewarding. However, most of that interview will run in an upcoming Paceline Tandem episode. This week, we pull a small excerpt and then tackle the question: what is the hardest event you’ve ever completed? And of course, that brings up the question of just how you define hard.



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Selene Yeager

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    1. Author

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  1. Winky

    Good podcast.

    Well it didn’t make me feel any better to hear the at the DK200 is the hardest thing Fit chick has ever done. I’ve done 2 Ironmans, and expect my DK200 time to be longer than either of those by some margin. So I guess the hardest event I’ve ever done is coming up. Knowing and expecting that I will want to quit the ride at some point is helpful in preparing to be able to push through that.

    The thing I’d perhaps want to do if not a cyclist is to be a professional surfer. Not so much in competitions, but doing movies and so-forth. But cycling is unique in that it combines all that is great about testing yourself, challenge, accomplishment, fitness, camaraderie, geeky-gear-fetishing, being outside, adventure etc; all the while being a form of practical transport. I’m as much into the way my cycling replaces driving as I am into the way my cycling gives me so much else. No alternative pursuit could really fill all the gaps if I had to give up cycling.

  2. Tominalbany

    I have images in my mind of ‘long’ rides I did with my cousin when we weren’t old enough to drive. Mostly, trips to go visit other cousins or to go fishing.

    The first ride I did where I was really into it was a small loop near my home with a couple of decent climbs that my Columbia 12 speed (w/French Horns/Frog Horns!) and I would do a number of times a week when I’d be home from college.

  3. Rob Grow

    What a great podcast. The first ten minutes meant a lot and was great to hear. Selene thank you for sharing!

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