Paceline Podcast #105

Paceline Podcast #105

This week Fatty, Hottie and Patrick are joined by a special guest. Yuri Hauswald is a former winner of Dirty Kanza, a Camelbak-sponsored athlete and a marketing pro with GU Energy Labs. He joins the boys to talk about the suggestion that cyclists should boycott Giro, Bell, Blackburn, Camelbak and the other cycling-related holdings of Vista Outdoor, a publicly traded company whose primary trade is guns and ammunition.

Yuri also talks a bit about his decision to be one of the 34 hearty souls to undertake the new Dirty Kanza XL, 350 miles of Flint Hills gravelly goodness.

Much of the show is devoted to the conversation about the boycott; Patrick ceded his pull as a leadout to this topic. In Fatty’s pull he discusses his new solution to remember all the great ideas he has while out on the bike. Apparently, he has a good idea about every mile, which makes keeping track of the sheer plethora of them an enormous undertaking. Would that the rest of us have such a problem.

And Yuri will tell the backstory to the shot above in the episode.



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  1. Keith Kenworthy

    I am in full support of Hottie’s picks for the TDF! As far as the Apple watch it’s great for some things but sucks for cycling. I sold mine and got a Garmin Watch which is way better for tracking rides and other cycling metrics and has better battery life. Maybe Yuri can suggest to Garmin that they add a voice memo app to one of their watches like the 645 music. Then it could replace both Patrick & Fatty’s picks.

  2. Tominalbany

    Fatty, Is this show #3 where you haven’t mentioned Leadville?

    No EPIC Bar link in the show notes.

    Fun to have Yuri in the house. Bring him back!

    1. Fatty

      Oh, that’s right — I can’t believe I forgot to mention Leadville! I’ll bring it up ten times in the next episode to make up for it.

  3. Dan Murphy

    Hey Fatty, I’m right there with you when it comes to coming up with great ideas during a ride. I have often told people the same thing.
    For about the last 30 years, I got into the habit of riding at noon during the workday. The rides tend to be around 2 hours, sometimes more, sometimes less. Around 11:30 every day, I find myself walking down to our locker room with my bike, without even thinking about it. I needed a mental break, and I can’t tell you how many times this software engineer came up with an answer for something during my ride.

  4. Quentin

    I’ve been thinking about this boycott some more. I generally agree with the sentiments expressed here, but I would add an additional angle.

    I have worn Bell helmets for many years because they seem to have an uncanny ability to fit my large head better than any other brand I’ve tried on. Last summer I crashed and sustained a mild concussion, so I went out and bought a new Bell Stratus helmet with MIPS, in hopes of reducing the risk of repeating that experience. It’s a ridiculous neon green color in hopes of being seen better. Padraig has reviewed it here, and I agree with him that it’s an outstanding value.

    I am in the camp that believes that it would make us all a little safer if we could reduce the power of the NRA to obstruct reasonable restrictions on obtaining deadly weapons. But, I would also argue that the $150 I spent on a helmet that is comfortable and fits me well and makes me visible has so much more benefit for my own safety than any hypothetical ability to mitigate the NRA’s power by buying a helmet from a manufacturer not owned associated with Vista Outdoor.

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