Get Your Dream Bike, Support RKP

Get Your Dream Bike, Support RKP

As some of you may know, I work for a custom bike builder, and I have tried throughout my years contributing to RKP not to cross the two streams. I have steered away from advocating for any products whose sale might benefit me. I have avoided, whenever possible, showing photos of my own bikes, and have never mentioned the company I work for by name.

I work for Seven Cycles.

Throughout the years Padraig has been a supporter of what we do. He has owned a couple of our bikes, has tested a few, and has given input on design. The company has been friendly with him since before I arrived on either scene, which I think means my efforts at curbing my influence on the relationship have mainly been successful.

Now, however, we want to do something sort of special, something we’ve never done before, which is to make an offer, directly to RKP readers, which will support Padraig’s work in a tangible way.

Think of it as underwriting with benefits.

For a limited time, we are contributing $500 to RKP when you order a complete bike for yourself here. You can order any bike we make, in any material, in any configuration, with any components, any paint, any … you get the idea. This is a chance to support RKP while getting your dream bike. And we will turn it around for you in just 3 weeks (a few more if you want paint).

See the bikes here. Get a price estimate here. Read about our process here.

The value of this program, for RKP, has no upper limit, and if you’re local to Padraig, he will deliver the bike himself.

The Fine Print: Orders need to be in by close of business April 30th. Bikes will be delivered through your closest Seven retailer (or by Padraig). This offer cannot be combined with any other offers.

A note from Padraig: to my mind this is—in form—an affiliate program. I’ve been offered any number of affiliate deals over the years. Every single time, when I pencil out modest projections, the return is so minimal as to do more harm than good by devaluing my advertising space. This idea is different enough that when Robot suggested it I called it “an affiliate program on steroids.” Even one sale would make this worth my while. And honestly, while yes, I really believe in Seven Cycles, I’m a bigger believer in quality bikes. I fundamentally believe in getting people on great bikes so they can have a better experience. So for anyone who wonders why Seven, the simple answer is they dreamt it up. And I’d be happy to do this again in May with another company I believe in. I’d rather take a long position on brands in which I believe than act like I’m agnostic to everything out there. And one other thing, not only will I deliver the bike if you’re nearby, I’d be happy to help with the fitting, too. 



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  1. Jay

    Wow, nice offer. I have been fixated on Seven for some time now, but several years ago I went with a Spectrum steel frame. I somewhat regret not chossing titanium, but to say that the steel frame is a disappointment would be grossly erroneous. It is the best bike I have ever owned. I think a Seven is in my future, but unfortunately not at this time.

  2. Dan Murphy

    Oh well, two years too late for me, got my Evergreen in ’16.
    Great bikes, great website – great combo.

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