The Paceline Podcast #103

The Paceline Podcast #103

Maybe it’s the gloominess of February, but the Paceline hosts — Patrick, Hottie, and Fatty — have some pretty serious topics this week…though they don’t necessarily approach those topics in a serious way (not all of them, at least).

Hottie’s watching the Olympics, but can’t help but wonder about the huge doping cloud hanging over the whole thing. His question: why does cycling get such a bad rap when it comes to the cleanliness of its sport, when doping is obviously prevalent practically everywhere (except curling, maybe?). And should we even care anymore?

Fatty is pondering the proper length for a ride, and why it seems that a route can be perfect one day, and waaaayy too long the next. He wants to know: what is the right thing to do when the duration of the ride exceeds the fun of the ride. Tough it out? Complain? Bail? And if the answer is “bail,” what is the proper etiquette (if there is such a thing) for dropping out of a group ride? (It must be noted that Patrick seemed completely befuddled by Fatty’s question, having never been on a ride he didn’t like.)

Patrick takes the final pull of the podcast by giving some backstory for his “88 Temples” feature in Bicycling. As it turns out, there’s more to this journey than he knew there would be when he started it, and it isn’t necessarily over yet.



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  1. James

    Please…separate your podcast from all the others out there, stop talking about doping. People don’t care. There is so much more to cycling than doping infused competition.

    1. Tominalbany

      I care about bicycle racing. I don’t hold it in the same esteem I used to but, I still get a thrill from the competition.

      Michael’s made a really good point, though. Why don’t the Olympics get panned and abandoned the way cycling has. I think it is fair and relevant question.

    2. Fatty

      James, did you listen to that segment of the podcast (not asking rhetorically)? If not, you should. I was a little bit surprised by where we wound up in that segment, which is more or less aligned with what you said in your comment.

  2. Ray Wright

    I will admit that after listening to the introduction to this episode I decided to skip it. It sounded to depressing.

    Do love me some “Paceline” podcast though, so looking forward to #104

  3. Jaime Rojas

    I have been catching up with your podcast. Today I listened to #103. I am sure Patrick has heard a lot about his article. I want him to know that his article in Bicycling magazine was amazing. I am also going through depression. I admit it to many people and am open about it but I am very private about the details. I actually cried reading his article and listening to him try to talk about it as candidly as he felt he could on the podcast. I want him to know that because of his article, I do not feel like I am alone in this fight against depression. There are others out there struggling to find themselves. The bicycle has been one of my greatest therapies. Sometimes it works for a long time and I feel great, other times it only lasts as long as the ride. I hope he also feels that he has friends and family to support him. Jaime

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