The Paceline Podcast: #101

The Paceline Podcast: #101

The boys are back with another three-pull episode. Up first is Hottie and he asks, have you ever regretted a bicycle purchase? Not the money you spent, but the bicycle itself? Have you ever decided you invested in the wrong bike?

Fatty is concerned about riding ugly. Between his namesake feature, dripping body fluids, a cadence like a minute hand on a clock and mismatched kit, he suggests that his appearance on a bike might not be the stuff of Men’s Health covers.

In 2015 endocrinologist Anita Kurmann was killed by a 48-foot flatbed truck in Boston. The police concluded that she was at fault even though she was doing everything right. Patrick talked to MassBike’s executive director, Richard Fries, to discuss the effort they are making to bring her case to court.



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  1. byDesign

    First time I’ve heard/seen this re: Anita Kurmann getting run over by this truck. I just viewed the footage put together by Massbike and, holy sh**. He had to look in his mirror to view the fact he cleared the corner w/o taking out fixtures, let alone a human life. Speechless.

    My friend was almost killed by a driver/car where it was clearly an accident and no clear wrong – traffic stopped for a car to pull through across traffic, but he didn’t see the car coming through and both collided. He was in the bike lane going with traffic, but neither could see each other until it was too late. Fortunately, he survived to tell about it.

    I ride with a rearward camera/light (cycliq) and assume no one sees me (like most motorcyclists). I’m thinking about getting a forward one.

    1. Tominalbany

      back in the late ’90s, one LBS employee get caught under the trailer of a tractor trailer. He never had a chance. As far as defensive riding, if I see a tractor trailer at an intersection, my radar goes nuts and I don’t overlap the trailer at all. That said, if they driver right hooks you…

      Also wanted to give a shout out to the Paceline Music Theme. I like that riff! What’s the source?

  2. Colin

    Another great episode of the podcast! Going on a ride while listening to an episode of your show may be the highlight of my week.

    I just had to laugh when Hottie said he bought the Gravel King tires for his gravel bike and Patrick and Fatty asked how long it took him to decide on those tires! It made me reflect on how I’ve become when selecting tires, for three different bikes no less! Between my road bike, gravel/CX bike, and mountain bike, I find myself fretting way too much over what rubber I choose to grace my many wheelsets with.

    Again, absolutely love the show and thank you for the wonderful entertainment and insight each week.

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