The Paceline Tandem 04: Peter Flax

The Paceline Tandem 04: Peter Flax

Peter Flax is the editor in chief of The Red Bulletin, the 10-times-per-year magazine from energy drink maker Red Bull. He is also the former editor-in-chief for Bicycling Magazine, features editor for The Hollywood Reporter and a contributing writer to CyclingTips as well as RKP.

For the three plus years Flax has been living in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area, he has commuted to work by bike. His writing on cycling advocacy, city planning and maintaining sanity on the insane streets of LA has been some of the most insightful and lucid published. Elden Skyped him for a chat about his work and what informs his perspective.



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  1. Winky

    Great podcast.

    Peter’s comments on many things resonated with me. He exactly reflected my experience as I have transitioned from a primarily recreational cyclist to a utility cyclist, via a commute that sounds very similar to his, but here in Vancouver. Wetter, perhaps. A lot of my love for the city in which I live comes from the way I get around. Being a cycle commuter is part of my identity. Like him, if I had to drive, I may not have stuck it out. I’m also increasingly involved in bike advocacy. Part of my effort is in gently encouraging enthusiast-style cyclists to also get involved.

    A lot of the CT articles I enjoy have been written by Peter.

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