The Paceline Podcast #99

The Paceline Podcast #99

This week we switch our format up a bit with each of the guys taking one hard pull. Up first is Hottie with a confession. For the first time in roughly 20 years he isn’t taking out a USAC license. Hottie says he’s got several reasons for not renewing: less interesting courses, an interest in gravel events and to some degree, the officials. The boys discuss whether or not they are carrying licenses and why or why not.

Fatty wonders what makes the rider who attacks incessantly tick. Why would they do that. Or are they really doing that?

Framebuilding icon Ben Serotta is back at the framebuilding bench with Serotta Design Studio. Patrick interviews Ben and learns what he has in mind with his new brand.



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Serotta Design Studio

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  1. Ray Wright

    You may say “no malice” towards USAC, but I found the hate towards USA cycling pretty clear. I am not a USAC fan boy, but I do carry a license since I enjoy racing. If your happy not being a member fine, but some of us do like participating in USAC organized events.

    1. Author

      I really need to push back against the assertion that Fatty, Hottie or I “hate” USA Cycling. That’s simply not the case. The organization provides a valuable service, but they aren’t the only way to provide that service. I’ve simply come to prefer the way some other organizers pursue the goal of putting on a cycling event. To the degree that I actually disliked anything about USAC, it was some of the requirements they put on promoters; they can, in some areas, be hard to meet and it’s how we ended up with so many industrial park crits. I not knocking them, but I ceased to enjoy them and I don’t think they do anything to help popularize the sport to non-cyclists.

  2. Stuart

    Good format this week guys – kept the rambling to a minimum and provided nice tight framework for discussion. I appreciate it would likely have taken more time for the paceliners to write their narratives and produce but it worked really well.

  3. Tominalbany

    Great show this week!

    I didn’t miss the VIQ, though I don’t hate it either. I did miss the Paceline Picks. I also liked that you kept it under an hour even though all three of you took a pull.

    It seemed the last two shows made an effort to keep Fatty in his corner? I don’t object to Fatty’s ramblings though the show did seem smoother this week. I also realize that sometimes, the three of you can’t all be there. (Hope Hottie’s Dad is recovering nicely!)

    Keep up the great work. I’m looking forward to #100!

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