The Paceline Podcast #98

The Paceline Podcast #98

It’s winter time and conditions aren’t exactly fun for riding in many parts of the country.

For this week’s Very Important Question we asked, “Which of these is the absolute worst conditions to ride your bike in?”
A. Hard crosswind 28%
B. Cold rain 35%
C. Slushy road 30%
D. “This isn’t so bad” types 7%

The real question is what kind of companion are you when conditions are tough on a ride.

SpeedX, the company behind the world’s first “smart bike” has gone under. The boys discuss the implications and ramifications of their too-good-to-be-true product line.

In other bad news for the industry, the iconic manufacturer American Classic has announced it is closing. Sad face.



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  1. Tominalbany

    Hottie, Happy to hear your Dad made it through his surgery OK. I hope he continues to improve. My father had a triple BP about 2001 or so. He’s still pretty strong and healthy for 81. His biggest complaint was the irritation on his legs as his vein-harvesting scar healed. Second complaint when he tried to do something with his chest muscles too soon. He tried to vacuum the pool and, apparently, it hurt like hell. I’m glad he called and let me do it.

    Cheers! -Tom

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