The Paceline Podcast #97

The Paceline Podcast #97

Fatty has been vacationing and says his kits don’t fit. In the spirit of truth in advertising, we’re actually pretty relieved. A skinny Fatty is not a fatty, right? Recently, he went with the Hammer to St. George, Utah, for some riding. Misadventure ensued. In other news, how important is your front brake?

For this week’s Very Important Question we asked, “You are on your your bike, you pass another rider (because you’re awesome), you look over your shoulder—what happens?”
A. They’re miles behind you 25%
B. They repass you 24%
C. You drift right and crash 31%
D. I pass another rider? 20%



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  1. khg

    I may look like a complete dork with my glasses mirror… But on the other hand, I’ve never run off the road and crashed when checking behind me… I’m not fast enough to worry about looking cool anyway, so I’ll stick with the mirror!

    1. khg

      Only problem is that I get so used to it, that when I’m walking down the sidewalk I find myself automatically glancing up and left, and then being confused by the lack of ability to see behind myself!

  2. Sam

    You over take, say hi. Remain calm and go harder than you would normally to create a gap. Then you have to decide if there was enough time to check over your shoulder so it does not look like you did it on purpose.

  3. Mark Allen

    Valve extenders fit over existing valves. The pressure from the pump opens the valve and pressure in tyre closed it. Now yes it will leek over a couple of days. But it gets you home.

  4. fbhidy

    Other lesson from the latest podcast, always bring more tubes than you think you (and your ‘crew’) will ever need when going on a bicycling vacation over a holiday!

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