The Paceline Podcast #96

The Paceline Podcast #96

Hottie is away this week so Fatty and Patrick or holding down the fort, so to speak. For our big interview this week, Patrick interviewed Aaron Gulley of Outside Magazine about his recent essay about being hit by a car while on a mountain bike ride and how the specter of smartphones has changed the danger factor of riding on the road.

For this week’s Very Important Question, we asked, how much weight do you plan to lose before your “A” event this year?
A. None, really. I’m fine. 11%
B. 5-14 lbs. 42%
C. 15-25 lbs. 26%
D. More than 25 lbs. 21%



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Show links:

Aaron Gulley’s essay, “Is Road Riding Worth the Risk?”

The Bell Z20

See your Year in Strava video here.

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  1. Nickolas

    I live in a town that has really embraced cycling in the last decade or so as we’ve built out our mtb trails. So, perhaps distracted driving may be up, but the guy in the big black 4×4 now has a bike rack on the back and he’s driving to the trailhead. I ride for fun but I’ve also been a daily bike commuter since I was a teenager and I’ve never felt safer on the roads.
    With respect to distracted driving, that will only improve if the laws are enforced. You all said the three foot passing law only works if the driver sees you, but I’d bet it would work if every driver who buzzed someone got smacked with a violation. I do think this situation will improve in the near future. In thirty years, people will think it primitive, inconvenient, and selfish that we ever drove cars ourselves, and I can’t wait.

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