The 2017 RKP Awards, Part I

The 2017 RKP Awards, Part I

The Day of the Week Award: Tuesday

Hard to say why, but so many of the world’s fastest riders prefer to win on TUE. It’s almost as though, without TUE to race on, they can’t even think about winning. Sure, most of the year’s big races end on Saturdays or Sundays, but this year’s Day of the Week Award goes to Tuesday.


The Uncle Award: Car Traffic

OK, car traffic. You win. UNCLE! We’ll just start a whole new cycling category called “gravel” (extra points for choosing a name that is deeply unattractive), so we don’t have to try to get you to share the road with us anymore. That’s ok. We like this better. And disc brakes.


The Matrix Award: Zwift/Peloton

The red pill or the blue? Take the red pill and you’re out on the road, sweating or freezing, dealing with traffic, loving your life just like you always did. Take the blue one and you live out your days spinning away like a gerbil on a flywheel in a basement. Don’t worry, Neo. We trust you to choose well.


The Better Than Walking Award: Your Bike

Walking is really nice. It’s even nicer when you call it hiking and do it in the woods, BUT no matter what bike you ride, what shape it’s in, who made it, or where it came from, it beats walking. Appreciate that.


Image: Vasenka Photography

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  1. Stehen Mulford

    Regarding your distaste for the term “gravel bike,” how about Richard Byrne’s “Sport Utility Bike “(SUB)?

    1. Author

      Stephen, I’m ok with gravel. I’ve heard lots of good alternatives, but the industry seems to have chosen gravel, so…

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