The Paceline Podcast: #100

The Paceline Podcast: #100

Someone smart told the boys that most podcasts don’t ever produce 100 episodes, so this one is a bit of a milestone. We’re not sure if they’re too determined to quit or too clueless to know when to stop. Milestones aside, they take 100 seconds (give or take) to favorite moments from previous shows before moving on to the meat of the show.

Up first, Hottie asks if you’ve ever had bike burnout, and if so, how you got it and what you did to get rid of it.

Fatty asks how to react after suffering a close call, or a crash, caused by a clueless driver. He details a couple of previous incidents, including one in which someone ran from him in a church parking lot. We include an excerpt with his interview with Peter Flax, editor of Red Bull’s Red Bulletin and the former editor in chief of Bicycling Magazine.

Patrick did a staycation last week at the brand new Astro Motel in Santa Rosa. He asks what his co-hosts look for in a cycling vacation and what amenities make a difference.



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Show links:

Bonk Breaker

The Red Bulletin

The Astro Motel

Snow Canyon State Park

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Assos Thermal Bibs

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  1. Tominalbany

    Patrick, Fatty, Hottie:

    Congrats on hitting the century mark! I’ve enjoyed the full set. I am also enjoying the ‘tidier’ format.

    Keep pulling!


  2. john

    when I saw the word burnout in the title, I thought you were going to announce a 100 and out.

    enjoying the podcasts more and more, keep it up guys

  3. Ted Jones

    Love these podcasts! Found the Pace Line last summer while driving to Leadville, like Fatty mentioned searching Leadville gets you to the Pace Line.

    Bike Hotels; I’ve stayed at Enjoy Garda hotel in Italy, a bike hotel that also provides high end rental bikes and ride guides. Very nice hotel and reasonable rates, a great value!

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