Paceline Podcast #95

Paceline Podcast #95

With the holidays looming, we look at the spirit of the season. Fatty interviews Yann Bertaud who is an ambassador for World Bicycle Relief. He recently made a trip to Africa on behalf of the organization to help distribute bikes to children so they can go to school.

For this week’s Very Important Question, we ask the all-important question: What is the best bicycle-centric song of all time?
A: Queen, Bicycle Race 52%
B. Kraftwerk, Tour de France 22%
C. Some obscure novelty song 4%
D. Really? There are only two choices? 22%

Patrick shares his holiday weight loss technique. It’s a simple technique, to be sure, but it’s hard to deliberately implement. Announcer Dave Towle is home from the hospital and French officials are investigating mechanical doping.



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Show links:

Hottie’s award-winning bike commuting story

Yann Bertaud’s World Bicycle Relief donation page


All-City Electric Queen promo video

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      A Memphis roll. That has such a great ring. That’s something I’d want to eat, not use to make someone sick, I mean lose weight.

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