Paceline Podcast #94

Paceline Podcast #94

Even thought the racing season is over, pro cycling is back in the news. Peter Sagan is even more amazing than we knew and Chris Froome (finally?) tested positive.

As a result, for this week’s Very Important Question we ask, “What would happen if you attempted to do the splits?”
A. I could do the splits no problem 5%
B. I could get to 120 degrees 18%
C. I could get to 33 degrees 18%
D. I’d tear in half 59%

It’s Christmas time and the guys talk about stuff they’d like to give, stuffy they have given, and a few things they’d like to receive.

Peter Sagan crushing the splits:



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    1. Shawn

      I raced with a kid who rode Independent Fab back in the early 90s. Except for the generation of the Dura Ace, it could be the same bike, down to the frame size. Lovely bike.

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