Paceline Podcast #93

Paceline Podcast #93

Cold and flu season. That’s what we call it, right? As if it were restricted to a few months of the year like maple sugaring or cyclocross Nordic skiing. No matter how long it’s meant to last, it’s here once again and while Hottie’s rides are getting longer, Patrick is off the bike thanks to a virus. Life with four-year-old contagion dispensers, amiright?

For this week’s VIQ, we asked, has your behavior over the years with regard to getting sick?
A. I hammer through 18%
B. I stay off for 3-4 days 26%
C. I stay off until I’m well 40%
D. Sick? 16%

Hottie interviewed North American Handmade Bicycle Show award-winning frame builder Aaron Stinner.

And there’s news from the world of pro cycling, the dominant theme being stuff that will never go away.



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Show links:

Stinner Frameworks

7Mesh Callaghan



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  1. Tominalbany

    Hottie, What your grandmother was to Povitiça, mine was to pierogi. (I’m half Polish.) I, too, missed the opportunity. I feel your pain!

    1. Michael Hotten

      I know, Tom! Grandmas are the best. They make all the best stuff. My grandma could fly-fish too. But she couldn’t swim or drive! That’s why she had grandpa.

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