The RKP Long-Sleeve Jersey

The RKP Long-Sleeve Jersey

I’m a big fan of arm warmers. For a day with changeable conditions, arm warmers do a great job of keeping you warm, but can be pulled down if temperatures rise. But let’s be honest, once November hits, most days between now and spring are unlikely to get warm enough to warrant pulling down your arm warmers unless you’re in Austin or Gainesville.

I did a short order of long sleeve jerseys with Panache. Because Northern California.

The design is a slight variation on our existing jersey design, extending the asymmetric sleeves, but keeping the blue consistent to match our existing pieces. It’ll look great with our bibs, and if it’s really chilly, with our vest as well. The fabric is thermal, featuring a brushed finish, but is not windstopper.

For my purposes, it’s comfortable from the low 50s up to the mid 60s. I respect that for some riders it’ll do fine in much colder temps, but below 50 I like to add a vest.

The jersey goes for $125. We have them in small, medium large and extra large, but they are very limited in number. If these sell through quickly enough, we’ll do another order of them.

You can order them here.


    1. Author

      This is a fairly typical cycling jersey; it tapers down from the shoulders, though not so much as some of the stuff from Castelli and Assos. It’s definitely not a “club” cut.

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